A question about the new liano A-series APU's

hello everyone,

so today i looked at the new liano a8-3850 desktop processor and noticed that its only priced at around $140??? so does this mean that amd brought out another crappy processor for us or do they not have their better apu's out on the market yet because i really haven't heard anything about whats up with these processors?

and i also read somewhere that these processors are locked and wont allow any overclocking to be done if i read correctly? so does anybody know if they will come out with another set of "black edition" processors that are fully unlocked?

thanks in advance
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  1. Brazos Review

    Llanos review

    From what I see, Llanos is suitable for notebooks or low end desktops/htpc's and Brazos for netbooks/pads.

    Neither are going to have any impact on gaming systems.
  2. It's "Llano" not "Liano".

    Llano's core is basically an Athlon II core so it will be slower than an Intel Core i3 / i5 CPUs. However, the baseline graphics core roughly equivalent to a Radeon 5550 or Radeon 6470. Therefore, on the graphics core side of things Llano is better than Intel's HD 3000 which is basically a little better than the Radeon HD 5450.

    On the desktop Llano is underwhelming because it doesn't really bring much to the table. As mentioned above Llano is kinda like a reversed Intel Core i CPU; a weaker CPU core and a stronger graphics core. In a desktop you can always add a video card which cancels out Llano's strong point. It still makes a good solution for a HTPC though.

    On the laptop/notebook side there is more interest. Generally speaking, the majority of laptops do not allow you to upgrade the video card. What Llano (and Sandy Bridge Core CPUs did before it) does is raises the bar on the low end laptops which makes them more capable of playing games. Granted the graphics core in Llano is still weak compared to desktop video cards, but it is a significant improvement for laptops. Most games are graphics intensive so Llano's slightly weak CPU core is forgiven.

    Llano is just a stop gap measure. The real interest is in Trinity which is expected to come out middle / late next year. Trinity will be using the upcoming Bulldozer CPU core. While there are no benchmarks yet, it is expected to be better than AMD's Phenom CPU series. It remains to be seen how well Bulldozer can stand up to Intel current Sandy Bridge CPUs.
  3. The best way to think about Llano is to consider it like a Phenom II x4 (without the cache, so more like Athlon II x4 I would guess) married to an AMD 6570 GPU (with slower memory, of course, since it uses DDR3 system memory) along with the memory controller for both the CPU and GPU and all the silicon to replace the NorthBridge on the chipset.

    In the end, you end up with a VERY economical package that is also very efficient. What you don't end up with is a top-end system designed to knock Intel off the performance throne.

    Instead, expect to see this packaged with inexpensive mobile and desktop systems that don't require a lot of computing power, but do require a modicum of graphic power to support low-end gaming and/or multiple or large displays (more than would be supported by traditional IGP solutions).

    Since the APU is all on the same silicon, this is a lot closer to a computer-on-a-chip design for general computing that is the penultimate for mobile computing, sinc eit is much more power efficient to power just one piece of silicon than an entire chipset.
  4. oh i see and thanks i kept thinking Liano instead of Llano :$ so they went for a more power efficient and convenient cpu/gpu combo for people looking for a cheap budget build/ HTPc... one more question. are these the bulldozer cpu's weve been hearing about or will there be another line of cpu's that amd will release for their bulldozers? thanks
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