M4A78T-E + 2 HD5770's for Crossfire

I've known about "Tom's Hardware" for many many years and I've been a periodic reader but this is the first time I've ever felt the need to actually post. I've just finished building a new system for myself and I am quite stumped on this. First I will detail the system

1) AMD Phenom II X4 (3.4GHz) Black Edition (965)
2) Corsair 8GB DDR3 PC12800 1600MHz (4x2GB) Class 9
3) 4x1TB Seagate SATAII Drives
4) HighPoint RocketRAID 1740 SATA PCI Controller
5) ThermalTake BigWater 760i Liquid-Cooling system
6) M4A78T-E Motherboard
7) *2* XFX (ATI Radeon) HD5770 PCI-E cards
8) Corsair Obsidian 800D Full Tower Case

I've got things working as expected in Windows 7 Enterprise, 64bit. The problem though is Crossfire, how do I enable/disable it. I've got CCC v.11.3 installed and I don't see any option anywhere in that application to enable it. Yes, I have the bridge connected. When I plug my second monitor (or my TV via HDMI) into the second card, I get no display on the monitor and the TV doesn't recognize that it has been plugged into my card (whereas if I plug the TV into the working first card, it does detect the new signal).

I've poked around in the BIOS and read the manual several times. Sadly they arn't very helpful (I somehow managed to enable the onboard video though and I have NFC how!) I have noticed that the manual *DOES NOT* line up w/ what I see in the BIOS (and this is quite infuriating!!!!) I have also noticed that things aren't labeled very well ... wTH is SidePort+UMA and how does that relate to me being able to crossfire two HD5770's?!? I've read quite a bit about this board and these cards and I'v seem more success stories then failures when it comes to crossfire so I know it's possible and I bought this board last year when the intent of building this system with the understanding that CrossFire would be supported. So did I miss something or was I misinformed (said information comes straight from the horses mouth (AsusTek Customer Support)).
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  1. Bumping this, still unresolved.

    Theory: Could be a bad PCI-E slot or a bad Card.
    Trial: Swapped cards, both cards give a good video signal in PCI-E slot0 and no signal in slot1.
    Standing Theory: PCI Slot1 may be bad?
  2. Bump again, still unresolved.
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