Problems with pixelated videos on new gaming rig?

I just purchased a custom built gaming rig from infotech.
It runs games like Crysis on optimal graphics settings perfectly in game. But I'm having problems with videos on my system being pixelized even when they're supposed to be in hd. I've downloaded the latest drivers for my graphics card and can't figure out what the problem is. I've tried two different monitors using the dvi cable my new Asus 20" LED monitor uses. Same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
My system specs are :

4 gigs ram
Gtx 550ti video card
Asus p8p67 motherboard With p67 b3 revision
Intel core i5 2400 quadcore processor
Anything else u need to know?
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  1. Anybody have any suggestions?
  2. Quote:
    can we please have full system temps? idle and max load, i measure my temps with HWmonitor, and for stressing CPU Prime95, for graphics card, furmark... if the cpu gets above 70c, shut down the program asap

    i highly doubt its a heating issue but it cant hurt to try this while we wait for someone with more knowledge then me to come along, right? right.

    Core 0 = 18 Degrees C
    Core 1 = 28 Degrees C
    Core 2 = 26 Degrees C
    Core 3 = 25 Degrees C

    Graphics Card Running at 23 Degrees C
  3. Sometimes the image seems to split towards the top of the screen when there's a lot of fast movement on screen. Only videos though, gameplay is mostly fine.
  4. Somebody know what the issue could be?
  5. What's the highest temp the gpu should go?
  6. After only running it for about 2 minutes, it was up to 73 degrees C.
    The videos are pixelized right away though, not just after the gpu heats up. Could this still be an issue?
  7. I just took it to info tech, so hopefully they figure this out.
  8. Well, I got my system back from the shop last week and, they obviously didn't even check it out. I'm still having the same problem. Most videos I try to watch on the system are pixelated as hell. Here's a screenshot of a video from Crysis 2.

    I've tried different drivers, codecs, and nothing seems to help. I don't believe it's a hardware issue though because all videos and images would be pixelated right? They told me they switched out my video card, and its doing the same thing. So i've kind of ruled it out. What's going on?
  9. Quote:
    it could be a faulty DVI connector or port.... maybe... but those are rare lol... its worth checking atleast... buy one from your local store, see if its the problem, if not return it

    Thanks, but I've already tried that. And I should note that it's not all videos. I just downloaded a Portal 2 video off steam and it had a perfect picture. I don't know what the issue is, but most in game videos are blocky like that or worse.
  10. Without the video card, I'm not even able too boot most games.
  11. Quote:
    oh i figured i ment try and get a movie where it artifacts on you and run that and see if it still does it

    I think it's just the in game videos that are doing it really.
  12. Thanks, ive tried windowed mode too. Same problem. I'm at a loss.
  13. Any more ideas?
  14. Thanks, hopefully something works!
  15. Hey zepmann89, i am having similar problems with my integrated gpu of an Asus motherboard. i sent the motherboard for Rma but they sent it back saying it is not defective. Have you solved your problem?
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