Asus HD6850 crashes with any additional displays

Hi there,

I've had my 6850 for a couple months now and love its performance, it overclocks amazingly. Recently I've been trying to run multiple displays as extended desktop. My main display is a Viewsonic Vx2450wm connected through DVI and the second display is my Sony Bravia 40Ex400 hdtv connected through HDMI. This setup works fine unless I do anything 3D. If I run a game on one of the screens or a stress test such as furmark the system "No Signal" crashes within a minute leaving me with sound for a while before I have to hard reset.

I've tried using 2 lcd monitors connected using the 2 DVI outputs but this still returns the same result of a no signal crash.

I've tried multiple drivers, using the uninstall, reboot into safe mode, driver sweeper, reboot, install new drivers method. None of the drivers I've tried have helped at all. (10.11, 10.12, 11.1a)

I've tried underclocking my default overclocked card to factory to no avail. Though my card is happy overclocked quite high and running furmark for hours so I didn't think that'd help.

Any ideas on what my problem may be? Should I RMA my card?

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  1. bump. any ideas?
    Im running Windows 7 64bit.
  2. What resolution(s) are you running?
  3. Rambler101 said:
    What resolution(s) are you running?

    1920x1080 on both the 24" LCD and the 40" LCD TV. The monitor is the main display with the TV as the extended desktop display
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