Directron Recertified Power Supply?

I'm looking to build a PC and I dont know too much about PSUs. I have a thread on the New Build forum, but thought this would be better since it's a specific question. From Newegg reviews it seems like a good PSU, but I have never heard of Directron or know how well recertified PSUs perform. If you think I should go with something else, can you recommend something that can be used with a SLI setup and it <$50?
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  1. that's definitely a good price even for a recertified psu.
    Directron has no problem with itself, however if you are buying a recertified product, you'll always be taking a higher risk.
    I would personally go with it, the price is simply irresistible.
  2. With the testing before shipping, shipping, and tax it comes out to $38.xx. I should pull the trigger? And is the testing worth the extra $5?
  3. This is probably a new unit that that someone ordered, then returned. In all likelihood, there is nothing wrong with the power supply.

    For one thing, it is just not economical for a company to repair a PSU, particularly a relatively low powered one.

    Is the testing worth $5? Depends on how they test what they test if they really do test. It would be worth contacting them to find what their testing includes.
  4. Well if you pay for the testing you dn't have to pay for shipping if its DOA.
  5. what do you feel like? do you feel like going safe or risking? if you wanna go safe you might as well just buy a new PSU, if not why don't just pay as little as possible. Don't do the testing, go with it and see what happens.
    Me, Tomshardware and Best of media claim no responsibility if you receive a faulty PSU. XD
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