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New RAM causing BSOD

Hi. i recently bought some RAM for my PC and i think its causing BSOD Code 50, 3b. Also my games a randomly crashing (related to memory). I did some google searches on the code and it's apparently has something to do with memory.

Mobo - Asus P8Z68-V PRO
RAM - 16gb DDR3 2133 Viper Extreme

When on the auto memory frequency setting in bios, the ram runs at 1333. So iv'e set it to 2133.

Windows Memory test says that nothing is wrong. RAM is seated correctly (double checked)

What should i do, is this possibly some faulty memory?

Thankyou for your time.
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  1. are u setting the Timing Correctly ?
    are u adjusting the DRAM Voltage ?
    ( both settings are in bios )
    the link u mentioned provide both info

    Enhanced Latency (11-11-11-30)
    Voltage: 1.65V

    so ur timing should be set as above and ur voltage too
    try selecting XMP DRAM profile in ur bios settings its the easiest way to configure ur DRAM
  2. You cannot simply set the DRAM Frequency -> DDR3-2133 and expect that high of a Frequency to work. First the DRAM Voltage for that kit is 1.65v and long-term can damage your Sandy Bridge CPU.

    The simplest is to set the AI Overclock Tuner -> XMP and try again. Keep in mind, when you see (OC) as part of the specifications it means different things for different CPUs. If that fails then you might need to increase the VCCSA Voltage -> 1.20v (don't exceed 1.20v more isn't better).

    Otherwise, I need to know what CPU you have and in general it's best to have a (K). Then I can if needed post manual settings to try.

    PXD38G2133C11K -
    DDR3-2133 11-11-11-30-2N @ 1.65v
  3. I have set the AI Overclock Tuner to XMP. When i do this with the RAM frequency on AUTO the PC does not boot up. it starts for 5 seconds then turns off, and cycles through this. After cutting power and eventually the comp starts, it says Overclock Failed!

    If i set the frequency of the RAM to 2133 with XMP on, it seems to work, but i'm getting low benchmark scores.

    Futhermore, after i run 3d mark, it gives a detailed description of your pc specs, and it's currently showing this...

    Module 1
    4096 MB Patriot Memory 9 @ 667 MHz
    Module 2
    4096 MB Patriot Memory 9 @ 667 MHz
    Module 3
    4096 MB Patriot Memory 9 @ 667 MHz
    Module 4
    4096 MB Patriot Memory 9 @ 667 MHz

    But my bios says its running at 2133. Also it says that the timing is 11-11-11-30 and i set DRAM Voltage to 1.65V

    CPU i5-2500K 3.30ghz

    Here are some CPU Z Screenshots...
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    HOLD your horses, those (2) TWO KITS NOT (1) KIT! What that means especially in Kits >DDR3-1600 is typically a FAILURE. Therefore, something has got to give either Frequency, CAS or often both. Running (1) Kit is not the same as two kits, and what (WAS) obtainable for the single kit isn't for a mixture of two kits. Example see the PXQ316G1866ELQK -

    Find me a 4x4GB DDR3-2133 kit from Patriot, didn't you ever think that was 'odd', well its because they cannot produce a reliable kit and 'making one' hasn't works out so good...

    Your RAM per CPU-z has (2) two XMP Profiles. Per the Memory tab it is running 2133.6MHz 11-11-11-30-3T. After changing the AI OC Tuner to XMP the Profile #1 should default, but if for some reason it does not then you'll need to change 'eXtreme Memory Profile' and not the 'DRAM Frequency'. As per above that you seemed to ignore, you'll probably need to set at least the VCCSA Voltage -> 1.20v.

    High likelihood of failure (2) Kits:
    AI Overclock Tuner -> XMP
    eXtreme Memory Profile -> Profile #1 (CAS 11) ; Try both Profiles
    eXtreme Memory Profile -> Profile #2 (CAS 9)
    VCCSA Voltage -> 1.20v

    Now if Profile #2 fails then IMO you'll need to try to set everything manually.

    Single kit:
    9-11-9-27-1N ; IMO too aggressive Command Rate
    9-11-9-27-2N ; IMO too aggressive CAS Timings
    11-11-11-30-2N ; IMO easy, but better than 3N
    10-10-10-30-2N ; IMO probably what to shoot for

    AI Overclock Tuner -> Manual
    DRAM Frequency -> DDR3-2133
    DRAM Timing Control /Enter
    /Set (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS-CMD) see above/
    DRAM Voltage -> 1.64v~1.65v
    VCCSA Voltage -> 1.20v

    Two Kit Mixture:
    Single kit:
    9-11-9-27-1N ; IMO too aggressive Command Rate
    9-11-9-27-2N ; IMO aggressive CAS Timings
    10-10-10-30-2N ; IMO probably what to shoot for

    AI Overclock Tuner -> Manual
    DRAM Frequency -> DDR3-1866
    DRAM Timing Control /Enter
    /Set (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS-CMD) see above/
    DRAM Voltage -> 1.64v~1.65v
    VCCSA Voltage -> 1.20v
  5. I can't find VCCSA Voltage. its not in the AI tweaker.

    There is VCCIO. Is that the same?

    I have tried profile 2 and still low scores.

    Set manual AI OC too following and even lower scores.

    frequency 1866
    timing 2n
    voltage 1.65 v

    Should i perhaps exchange ram for

    I still should be able to return the RAM. or take 1 kit back and just run 2x4GB 2133

    What would be optimal for my system?
  6. Yes, in your BIOS use VCCIO -> 1.20v. It's the highest safe voltage.

    Q - What 'Scores' from what Benchmark?

    This Chart will give you some idea of Frequency vs CAS:
    Example DDR3-1600 CAS 9 is close to DDR3-1866 CAS 10

    When I get around to it I need to update through DDR3-2600.
  7. 3D Mark 11.

    2x KIT, VCCIO 1.20V DRAM Voltage 1.65V set for the following...

    Profile #1 - Doesn't boot up

    Profile #2 - (Frequency @1866 9-11-9-27 2n) 3D score #5711-5792

    Manual set up - 3D Mark score was in 56xx

    Default settings - 5538

    So, its currently on Profile #2 and seems to be stable for the moment. but im still getting low scores for my system.

    Thankyou for your help.
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  9. Cool! :sol:

    IMO - Run 4-passes of Memtest.
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