Cpu temps on i7 2600k

First time builder here; after a doa motherboard and shorting i finally got my compouter to post and boot for the first time. first thing i noticed was that the cpu temps were really high hovering at around 60 degrees C at idle. from what i have read this seems far from normal but since its upper limit is around 98 degrees C should i be worried? fan is currently around 1550 rpm. The computer should shut off if it gets too hot right? will a new version of the bios help and/or upping the fan speed on the heatsink help? thanks in advance

intel i7 2600k
8 gb of g skill ram
500 gb western digital caviar black @ 7200 rpm
cooler master 922 HAF
Thermal take toughpower XT 775W
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    Temps in the BIOS will always be higher because the CPU cannot go into low-power idle mode until it fully boots into Windows. Temps of 60-65ºC in the BIOS are normal when using the stock cooler.
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