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  1. The HDD you selected is 5K RPM I believe. Not the best for a boot drive.
    Other than that everything looks good, I would advise against buying off amazon.
  2. Say ya that drive isn't the best but I would like to eventually go SSD. And why i'm buying of amazon is because when i got everything from newegg tax was like 73$ + shipping was 17$. Could you suggest anymore good places?
  3. What country are you from?
  4. Can anyone offer any input on how this system will perform?
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    I have the 5770 and it is a good card. CoD, ME2, Fallout,play flawlessly at 1680x1050 my moniters highest resolution. It gives me a Windows index of 7.4 for gaming.It is also on NE for 104.00 after rebate/w free shipping. I have dealt with xfx and have not had a problem with their service so the rebate should be timely. Price is not allways what should be in the back of your mind when buying 600.00 worth of tech parts. New Egg will take care of you if by chance you get a defective part they have an easy rma system that I have had to use with a defective motherboard. I have also shopped at Amazon. You can also check at MWave. The case is also 10.00 cheaper at NE and also free shipping. If you are paying tax you must live in the same state that NE is physicaly located. I have never paid taxes at New Egg when buying online.
  6. look at the system in my signature. It was $586 when I got it last week.
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