Wn113b wont find wireless


I've recently acquired a Netgear Wireless PCI Adapter WN113B to work with my Windows XP PC. After installing it using what I believe to be the most up to date drivers and fitting the card itself, It will not find ANY wireless networks. I've tried both the Netgear and Windows own software, neither works.

I've checked some similar problems which tend to advise starting or restarting Windows Zero Conf. I've done this with no results.

I have a Windows 7 laptop which connects to my router with no problems, as well as finding several other networks in the neighborhood. As well as an Xbox connecting wirelessly.

Any ideas what else I can try?
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  1. The card itself is working, the power light is on and the light labelled ACT is flashing steadily. And the 'aerial' or whatever the white box thing is :) is connected.
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