Motherboard chipset - Updating?

Yet another quickie.

Due to ignorance, on my fresh install of Windows I did not install my Mobo's (Asus p5lvm-1394) chipset drivers.

Some sites say that I'll need to do a fresh install of windows (F*** that, I've got too much stuff that I really, really don't want to faff around with AGAIN), or to uninstall all my previous drivers (GPU, Soundcard, etc.) and re-install them after the update, or to just download the updated drivers and install 'em.

What should I do?
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  1. Just download the newest drivers, they will overwrite the older drivers. You don't need to reinstall windows, and windows has probably already installed some older version of the chipset driver during setup.
  2. If push comes to shove you can do a repair od the OS rather than a re-install. That way you won't lose your current installation.
  3. After your installation go into device manager and make sure there are no "!" or "?" marks. If there are try un-installing the device and then restart windows and it should find the device and install it. I doubt you will have to do this. You can re-install chip drivers any time. We do it right after a new OS install because then the MD devices are able to be recognized for the rest of the installation.
  4. Aye, just did the install. Everything is working dandy.

    And much quieter, too :3
  5. Congrats, glad to hear it!!
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