What caused it?

Hey guys.
Recently, I built a computer. The computer worked fine, until, the 4th time that I used it, the graphics card fried. Literally fried. Ill show you what i mean in a sec. Nothing else fried, just the graphics card. Hes a picture of the damage:
I pointed the arrows at the area of damage.
Is this caused by lack ofpowersupply, manufacturing problem, what?
The specs are:
Motherboard-Gigabyte AM3
Processor-AMD Phenom ii x4 @ 3.4ghz
Graphics card-Nvidia GTX 460
power supply is 500 watts.
Any advice is helpful.
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  1. Which power supply is it? 500w can mean 250 on a noname brand
  2. Corsair.
  3. It wasn't a lack of power at all, I can't tell you exactly what it was but something happened. Did you plug in the correct power cables to the card? You didn't force anything in? I'd call the manufacterer thats for sure.
  4. Looks like a SMD cap failed. A lack of power wouldn't cause that, and the connectors are one-way plugs, so you couldn't have caused it that way.
  5. Who's nVidia 460 GTX ?
  6. Im going to say the man in the fridge :D

  7. Warranty it, IMO. PNY's cards have been lackluster, IMO, I've had two die on my in the last 10 years. But it's generally been an issue with their fans. Which saddens me, because they used to be top-notch some time ago, offering an at-the-time unprecedented lifetime warranty.

    Luckily, last I heard they were still good at honoring their warranties. Unfortunately, without seeing the other side of the card, it's hard to say what burned out. A spider could've caused a short (I've seen it kill a modem in the 90's!), for all I can tell.
  8. Hey guys. Thanks for the advice. So heres some more information. nothing was forced in, everything went in smoothly and firmly. It requires two cables, I forget their exact names, but it requires two of them. Everything else is fine. I was able to get a replacement card from them, but I just wanted to make sure that the same thing wouldn't happen twice.
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