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I have my own redneck system were i use the xbox 360 VGA HD to play xbox in 1080p and then i use the audio outputs to a sterio and my turtle beaches. Well i moved into my new room which has a cable coaxil line from road runner. i would like to watch cable on my monitor using some sort of VCR or adapter to be able to get audio to plug into my stero and the output to be able to hook up to the DVI imput on my monitor. please help me find the cheapest solution possible. like 35 bucks is REALLY pushing it. i have found a adapter which turns component(the green the blue and the red wire) into dvi but how do i turn the cable into that so i can watch it?
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  1. You'll have to have a computer hooked to the monitor. Get one of these-->
    The cable goes into that then out to your computer monitor.
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