New Graphics card compatible with PCI express x 1 or x 16 slot

Hi. I'm trying to buy a new graphics card for my Dell Inspiron 530 but here are the specs:

Your Dell™ computer provides the following slots for PCI and PCI Express cards:

* One PCI Express x16 card slot (SLOT1)

* One PCI Express x1 card slot (SLOT2)

* Two PCI card slots (SLOT3, SLOT4)

All of the new cards I see are Express 2.0 and might say compatible with 1.1 but I don't see anything about being compatible with Express 1 or x Express x 16. Am I missing something? Is there a graphics card I can buy? Preferably one that doesn't need more than 300 watts since I don't want to upgrade my power supply.

Many thanks!
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  1. 2.0 is compatible with 1.1
    You will want a pci express x16 slot, it is much, much, much better than x1 and hardly any cards use x1
  2. A 2.0x16 card should work in an x16 slot. It will just be slowed down to 1.1 speed instead of 2.0 speed
  3. Thanks jryan388 and kilo_17. I don't have a 1.1 slot (it's only 1.0) so I'll go with kilo's suggestion and make sure it's 2.0x16. Thanks a bunch!
  4. No problem! Same principle, if that x16 slot is 1.0 speed, a 2.0 card should work but will run at 1.0 speed instead of 2.0
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