I chose the i5 2500k over a 1090t BE, did I make the right choice?

So if any of you have seen some of my posts, I have gone back and forth between two different CPUs. Originally I had a build planned out using the AMD phenom II x6 1090t black edition. After spending many hours and days researching parts and finding the best deals and rebates, my friend told me that I shouldn't be looking at AMD and should check out the i5. I quickly decided on the i5 2500k and ordered all of my parts within a few days after deciding. It's not really bugging me, because I'm sure this CPU will be plenty fast compared to my current pentium 4 :P but for what I'm going to use this processor for I wanted to make sure that I decided on the right one. The basic use is for HD video editing in sony vegas and adobe premiere pro, a tad bit of gaming, nothing that would require all that much power, and lots of applications running at once(browsers, media players, gimp etc.).Until Christmas, when I can afford a nicer graphics card, it will just be sony vegas for the video editing part. I ended up spending $220 on the i5(being shipped now) when I could have spent $190 on the 1090t and now there is a promo code for the 1100t BE at newegg for $174 :o which makes me feel that I may have missed out. So to get to the question, did I make the right choice picking the i5 over the phenom x6 for $30 to $60 more :??: ? Was it worth the extra cash and will it last me longer into the future? Will it be overall quicker in general tasks and video rendering/editing?

Sorry for all my questions :kaola:
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  1. The 2500K is a great choice. In terms of performance, its overall much better than even a 1100T even with less cores due to higher IPC. In terms of lasting, I doubt it will be slow in the near or even a few years for now as its already bottlenecked by software and as software progresses, the current gen CPUs show their power. Hell I still have a Q6600 which still doesn't choke on anything.

    If it does seem that way, Ivy Bridge will be a drop in replacement while, depending on which motherboard you got for the 1090T, Bulldozer will not be as it needs the AM3+ socket or a AM3 socket that is pretty much AM3+ just with an older chipset, 890 vs 990.

    Overall, don't regret it. I would have gone the same route especially if you were smart enough to go for a Z68 mobo so you could use QuickSync and a discrete GPU. If so, if those programs are updated to utilize it then the choice will be much better as it wipes the floor in encoding with every other CPU and as well, even GPUs.
  2. YES,YES,YES you made the right choice.
  3. you made the best choice.
    2500k is faster than the 1100t and can be clocked much higher/is cooler/consumes less power than the 1090t.

  4. For your uses you could have gone either way. In Vegas encoding they are equivalent.
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