Windows 7 disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter


My PC, running Windows 7, was running fine and suddenly reset.

The message bootmgr is missing then appeared when starting up so I tried using system disc to repair bootmgr. Unfortunately though it wouldn't boot from dvd and kept looping round.

I removed my hard drive and replaced it with another formatted hard drive which I then tried to do a fresh install on.

The message I got then was DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT DISK AND PRESS ENTER. Still cannot boot from the dvd drive though.

So far I have:

1. Removed all components leaving just the dvd drive and hard drive.

2. Changed all cables

3. Tried using SATA drive instead of IDE.

4. Changed boot order in BIOS.

Still no difference and I have run out of ideas.

Is there anyone out there that can help?


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  1. Hello audiomandan;

    Looks like the only thing you haven't changed out is the Windows install disk.

    Can you do a Linux install without running into all those problems?
    Ubuntu Desktop Edition 10.10
  2. I'll give it a go and get back to you!

    Cheers for the suggestion
  3. im having the same problem.. My electricity went out and reset my computer, now when it boots i get the disk boot failure message. no matter what i try to boot from, i get that message.. seems like a motherboard problem. any answers anybody?
  4. Same problem happened to me some months back. Here is the cause and possible solution (in my case i could boot from DVD):
    Cause: to save some disk space , i allowed windows to compress my C: drive . (rt click C drive , select properties, tick option 'compress disk contents ..'
    A reboot later same problem started.

    Solution: reformat of C: drive.
    possible steps:
    1. insert Windows 7 disk , go to bios and select manually optical drive as 1ST boot device.
    2. restart comp. allow windows 7 setup to run.
    3. after some time when windows 7 setup starts to reboot (generally after "expanding files"), go to bios and change 1st boot device as HDD( important step)
    4. It should boots from HDD, and start continuing the setup. You will have NEW usable windows with this method

    That should work
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