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I'm searching for some clarification on the use of the same as parent folder host (a) records on my DNS. I keep getting networking issues relating to the GPO's whose path is resolved through the DNS.
In my forward lookup zone under the local domain, I keep getting a same name as parent folder host (a) record appearing with a invalid IP address in addition to the correct one. I believe this is the source of my problems but can't understand why it keeps coming back even if I remove it.

I've seen that this forum has previous threads answering questions about the same name as parent folder, and was impressed by the consise answers, and I am hoping the answer to my question would be just as simple.

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  1. Your domain name is the same as the website address?


    Is this what you are referring to?

    How many DNS servers do you have? You may want to check replication on your DNS servers if you keep getting a wrong record appearing.

    With the error you could have mutliple issues going on. Make sure your DC holding the FSMO Infrastructure role is not a GC either.
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