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I am not connected to BT Broadband and am only using Ethernet cable 1 on the BTHomeHub2.0. Although my PC works connecting through the cables, I cannot get the wireless to work.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks
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  1. You may need to download the manual for the Homehub either from disk which came with it or from BT.

    The homehub comes with wireless encryption enabled as far as I recall. The passphrase may be on a label on the case or in paperwork which came with it.
  2. Thanks, but the only problem with that is that i'm not using BT as my ISP so the connection settings dont seem to work.

  3. I think you may be confusing the password into BT's service with the wireless security passphrase. It's should be possible to use the HomeHub as a router without connecting it to BT's service.
  4. ok, i'll check that now.

  5. First off apologies for joining this thread but couldnt post my own for some reason -

    If anyone could help with the following that would be great -

    Two days ago my laptop started to experience trouble when using its wireless feature when trying to play online games. The bottom right signal strength tells me its fully connected and I can access and browse web pages no problem at all. When I try to load up Steam / Starcraft 2 or other online games though, it refuses to connect to them.

    I then plug in the cable so I have a direct connection to my BT homehub and within a few minutes of it adjusting, I have no problems gaining access to these online games.

    I have tried the following to see if it made a difference but sadly the problem was still there -

    Turning Homehub on and off, and pressing the wireless association button , and pressed the reset to defaults button
    Checked windows update to ensure all updates were run
    Went into device manager and tried to update the driver for the wireless network card (up to date)
    Turned windows firewall on/off
    Checked that over the last 2 days no new programmes/updates had been installed.

    I have since used a friends MIFI connection to see if it was my laptop stopping the connection but it allowed me to connect to steam/starcraft 2 fine. So the problem is surely something to do with the BT Homehub itself.

    Someone else advised changing the channels within the bt homehub, which i tried to but this still failed (do i need to reboot the laptop after changing channels as i didnt). Another person recommended inputting the tcp addresses into port forwarding to allow the games through the hub.....i tried this once but it didnt work on the one game i tried (which now wont work at all even when wired connected).

    I didn't see why the above was needed anyhow when i've been playing games wirelessly through the hub for months without a problem.

    I can't think what else might be affecting just these games, however when I was connected via the cable in a game i did notice my ping was fluctuating a lot ......nothing too bad but a fair bit, between 50-110....not sure if that info is any help.

    Thanks in advance :) :sol:
  6. bump :)
  7. Changing channels made sense but first check for new wifi networks within range -- e.g. on channel less than five stops away and with over (say) 20% signal strength.

    Otherwise think of anything else that might have changed.

    You don't need to reboot computer after resetting channel.

    I'm not an admirer of the Homehub or any other Thomson routers as they seem to have a mind of their own. If option, definitely turn off auto channel select and look out for the darned thing losing all its settings.
  8. Thanks Fihart

    Well after calling BT last night the 'advisor' who obviously was reading out of a book, suggested changing the channels, which I did but knew already wouldnt work. After that she suggested sending me a new homehub. No mention of trying portforwarding or anything else.

    I can see two other wireless networks within my range, any idea how i tell which channel they broadcast on ?
  9. Other networks' channels should be displayed somewhere but you might usefully download one of the free utilities such as NetworkStumbler which will analyse the competition -- see download sites FileHippo, Major Geeks etc.
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