Disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter

I have a system built on an Asus Crossfire motherboard with a WD Caviar 750 GB boot disk and a smaller IBM 80 GB IDE drive used for miscellaneous stuff. No RAID. The OS is Vista Ultimate 32 bit. I have used the computer for a couple of years with no problems, then I turned it off a couple of weeks ago in an uneventful manner. Last week I tried to turn it on but an abbreviated boot sequence ended with the "disk boot" message shown on the subject line. I shoved in the Vista DVD and pressed enter and after a small churn I got the same message all over again. Thinking it might be a cable problem I opened the case and unplugged/plugged the disk drive power and data cables on each drive. That didn't work so I popped in a WD Diagnostics disk and ran it to find no problems with the boot disk. Did the same to the IBM drive just for giggles and it checked out good too. Then I decided to try and boot it off a Hiren's Boot disk. It booted fine and when I clicked on the Hiren's menu to "Boot from Vista" the darned thing did it. Vista opened up and I played around with it for a while and then shut down. When I tried to boot normally I got the dreaded message again. Next I reset the BIOS to default values and put in a brand new fresh battery but that didn't work either. I am totally lost now and don't have a clue as to what is going on. It obviously is not hardware since it all works fine when I boot from a Linux type boot disk and Windows runs fine too. Why does the system refuse to boot from the genuine Windows installation disk?

TIA for any assistance.
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  1. Make sure your BIOS is set to boot from the boot drive. If you have Optical Media or USB set above in the boot order, make sure there is nothing in your drives, and no storage is plugged in the ports. Alternatively during startup, select boot options, and navigate to your boot HDD. Good luck, post back if you have any luck.
  2. To boot from the vista disk make sure that the opty drive is first in the boot sequence...The HDD shouldn't be first in booting up the vista install disk...optical drive 1st...After setting the opty drive first it should state after POST "To boot from disk press any key"
  3. Hi guys and thanks for the replies. I had already done everything you suggested and got the same result in each instance. Just to be sure though, I just went through both configurations again, CDROM first and hard disk first and it is all still the same. I immediately get the "Disk boot failure, ........" and thats as far as I can go.
  4. unhook the IDE HDD and see what happens....
  5. lowjack, you get the prize!! Thanks for the suggestion, it worked and I don't know why. I ran a diagnostic test on that disk and it supposedly was in good shape but obviously something is wrong with it. I will pull it out and set it aside as I don't use the computer that much anyway. I have a couple of fast quad core machines running Win. 7 Professional and I like them much more than the Vista job.

    Thanks again
  6. Np....remember to pick a best answer so the thread can be closed..Happy tinkering
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