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Overclocking 9400 GT Help

hello guys,

i want to overclock my palit 9400 GT super 1 GB.....
I watched many videos on youtube abt that and found that everybudy is using Riva tuner...

i am new to this and afraid to do such things..
so plz tell me what r the safe clock speeds for my cards or what is my cards limit...
waitng for reply....

Thanks........ :hello:
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  1. Use MSI Afterburner, its way more "noob"friendly than RivaTuner, and is even powered by it anyway.

    Regardless I don't see a point in overclocking that card, you won't end up getting too much of a boost of it, so it won't matter regardless (just a couple FPS).
  2. ya i just want a couple FPS only.... i am playing GTA 4 and getting above 25 FPS with somewhat medium low settings....
    i just want all setting to at least medium especially shadow one's....
  3. Overclocking isn't going to help you there much bud, especially with that card, and THAT game.
  4. well i already have an intel Quad core and 4 GB DDR 2.....
    so i thought with little overclocking a can manage to play that game on medium....

    any more suggestions... :(
  5. A new card is all thats going to help you with that game, that game is pretty demanding, and very CPU demanding as well.
  6. so if i wish to get new card which one will be good??

    my budget is 80$ approx
  7. Depends whats your system specs? You can get a much better card than what you have for 80 dollars.
  8. my specs r as follows

    intel Q8300
    Asus P5kpl-am/ps mobo
    4 GB DDR 2 800 Mhz
    400 W VIP PSU

    but i can't extend my budget so have to manage in 80$......

    Its not an amazing card, but it is much better then what you currently have. Honestly though I would never pay 80 dollars just to play ONE game.
  10. well i just replace my P4 3.0 GHZ to this Quad to play this game....... hehe
  11. well it's a 5670 good... but it's only 512 MB??
  12. Yes only 512, the 1GB would be better, but you would have to spend 10 more dollars and its not in your budget.
  13. hmmm i am thinking abt ati 4650 !!! 1 GB
  14. That card isn't much better then what you already have....
  15. so 5670 then.......
  16. Helltech said:
    That card isn't much better then what you already have....

    I would say that the 4650 is much better than the 9400 gt....
    Anyway I would also go for the 5670.

  17. Not enough of a difference to justify the upgrade, I should say.
  18. lol why bother overclocking crap? it just gives you... well more crap

    GTA IV needs a quad-core to get decent FPS - hell my ole Q6600 @ 3.5ghz with 8gb of ram and my ole 8800GT struggled to get medium settings passed a playable constant 30fps

    since you have a 9400GT im doubting you have a quad core cpu either...
  19. He probably has one of those crap company made computers, they give you "decent" main components except for a CRAP GPU..
  20. well as i said i have a Quad core Q8300 @ 2.50 GHZ.....

    it's a assembled PC....

    i live in india and in my city if one ask for a simple kingston ram kit, then he will have to wait too long for it....

    so a little upgrade 4650 is better for me i guess.....
    it's cheap too
  21. Best answer
    OMG, I am going to answer the question;
    Use MSI afterburner, it's easier to use.

    When you overclock you lose your warranty because of the risks of frying your card.
    Although every one overclocks and doesn't care about their warranty as they know what they are doing.

    Before buying a new card you HAVE TO try overclocking it as it does make a difference. If you are not satisfied with your overclock, go for the aboves advices on upgrades but it really wouldn't hurt to attempt an overlock

    Download MSI afterburner and furmark.

    Leave the fan control on your card on automatic and increase the clock of mainly the core and memory slowly first by about 50MHz.

    Apply and then run furmark to do a GPU stress test; this will push your GPU to it's limits. Run it and watch the temperature of your GPU, after 30 minutes to one hour if it didn't shut down, bluescreen or overheat that means that your overclock is stable and you can try to overclock further.

    If your temperatures didn't get too high, increase by another 50MHz or 25MHz if they did.

    Just keep increasing and doing stress tests.

    Before doing further overclocking see if the game runs well so that you don't overclock higher for no reason.

    DO NOT overclock extremely high as is it will damage your graphics card.

    If you get a high temperature when you overclock though your computer doesn't shutdown. It will probably shut down if you go any further.

    Don't keep overclocking until your computer shuts down to save itself as it may not always succeed so just go with very minor clock increases and when the temperatures are significantly higher than they were stop an test the game during your overclocking.

    I have once damaged a card because I overclocked it by 300MHz from the start and the card had a bad cooler and I didn't do a stress test.
    I was 12 lol.

    So sure it would be great to upgrade but it really wouldn't hurt to overclock as if you destroy your card which is unlikely if you followed my instructions.

    If you don't get the performance you need upgrade as you ave good CPU for gaming so with a better card you will be able to play all the latest games at high settings
  22. Upgrade to a 9800GT, excellent card!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. 9800GT is 80$, buy it, it is a great card!
  24. hey mn96 that was a gr8 explanation mate.....
    sure i will follow those instructions.....
  25. If you don't get the performance you need upgrade to a 9800GT, the best card ever for under $80.

    And tell me how your over clock goes.
    Use GPU-Z to let you know if the clock rates are correct.
  26. hey i overclocked it by 100 Mhz and memory clock by 50 Mhz....... played gta4 for 45 mins and it worked stable... but i got only 3 or 4 FPS boost... and after increasing some of settings game again started to lag.......And i am using EVGA Precision for checking correct clock rates......

    So it's upgrade time.......

  27. Well get the 9800GT, ask anyone else, chances are that they would recommend the same thing.
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