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im planning to buy a Asus P8Z68-V LX and use it with my old radeon x1300. I do not intend gaming use. My main priority is hdmi, so if i use the hdmi from the mobo, will i be able to use the graphics from my radeon . Do you think it would be better to go for a h61 chipset (without hdmi), and get a hdmi gpu for it? Sorry if this is a totally nooby question!!
Many thx
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  1. You can use EITHER the mobo graphics OR a discrete card at one time. Get a newer GPU, they are dirt cheap for simple tasking like you're talking about (old 5700 or 4000 series would probably work and have HDMI)
  2. OK, so if i get a discrete video card, i would not have to get a hdmi mobo... if i had that graphics card you recommended and my radeon would i get a combined graphics performance, or is my radeon superflous?
  3. If you get a Radeon with HDMI, you would run the HDMI through the Radeon and wouldn't need on mobo HDMI. You can't combine the graphics unless you get 2 Radeons (of same chipset/series) and Crossfire them. A 5770 for instance and your 1300 won't Crossfire. Hope that helps.

    EDIT: If you get a new GPU, throw the 1300 away, it is superflous.
  4. Ok thank you sooo much. I will probably get an asus motherboard without hdmi for the time being. I will be using dvi-d and when i get my tv i will be getting a discrete gpu (with hdmi obviously). Can you recommend me a hdmi gpu for under £30 (tight i know, but im on a budget build so i have to keep the costs down). Bear in mind im not a gaming person but will be watching movies and ALOT of songs. Also i am trying to stick with ebuyer or dabs.
  5. I have a HIS 5770 and love it. You can probably find a 4850 that is close to that range too. (I'm in US and don't know pound to dollar conversion, hehe). 4xxx or 5xxx, either will work great for movies.
  6. ok, ill have a look at the 4 and 5 radeons... iv just looked at some of the asus mobos and the asus p8h61 m le looks good to me... is it worth the upgrade to z68 (eg more pci and pci e, 4 ram slots better gaming) just dont know wether its worth it. The two options look like this: (they both are around £80) Dont know pound to US hehe... lol
    Asus mobo + hdmi gpu

    Asus z68 mobo.
  7. I would recommend the Z68, gives you better upgrade options down the road (like you say, more RAM, PCI lanes, the ability to overclock. As long as it's in your budget, do the Z68. ASUS, Gigabyte and ASRock are the most recommended here (find the one that has the features you need and slots you need).
  8. i will probably go with the z68 as its only £20 more. Iv chosen the Asus P8Z68-V LX
    , but i will change if there is something for better value. This is at £75 (117.610 USD). Sounds reasonable... thinking of running 5.1 so 8 channels would be fine for the sound.
  9. Perfect board, lots of people on here rave about the P8Z68 series. Good choice.
  10. thanks for your help and i will let you know how mybuild goes...
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