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My network connections only show my wireless connection (which works fine), but the LAN connection will not show. When trying to create the connection using the "Create a new connection" option, it tells me that my connection should already be configured and working. I have tried all of the options that ironside suggested, but I still do not see my LAN connection, and attempts to connect with an ethernet cable are unsuccessful. I have no idea how to proceed, except by reformatting, but I do not have a CD drive on this laptop, nor do I have the proper OS install discs.
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  1. Have you tried reinstalling the network driver?
  2. go to control panel /network connection/local area network enable it withe the right mouse
    good luck :):)
  3. ZENDESK is a JOKE, this will not help your network discovery.. Lets pray for a better company that will provide a reasonably priced operating system. Microsoft is such an inferior product.. All software company's should be ashamed of themselves for trying to repair problems that microsoft bugware has created, that offer false hope and prey upon the weak-minded in-experienced consumer to make a quick buck$$$$$
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