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Hello guys just make a new build and after a week, i have a problem in my display .i have sapphire 6870hd and the problem is that I have no display in hdmi port ,i check the display in dvi port it display correctly but in hdmi port it does not show anything.i have worked in hdmi port since 7 days and there was no problem but today there is no display. Please help and i also try the different hdmi cable and there is no display.
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  1. Do you have a DVI and HDMI cable connected to your monitor at the same time? If so, auto detect may be seeing your DVI first.
  2. No, i have the option to choose from dvi or hdmi i have sony lcd32" tv. And i connect one cable at one time.
  3. If your OS is a version of Windows, make sure display setting in control panel is set properly.
  4. Dude i have no settings changed and I properly turn off the computer and when I wake up and just start the pc it's shows no display. I have hdmi confections always. I just plug in the dvi cable to check that it is graphic problem or not.
  5. Dude, just trying to help ya figure it out.
  6. Thanks yaar but my problem is still there.
  7. If you could post your mobo model #, I'll be able to look into this issue a lot more.
    I just realized your using a TV for display. Dumb question, but could it be the input selection on the TV changing itself?
  8. My mobo is asus h67m-lx.but if it is a mobo problem then why it works on dvi.
  9. Hey guys i m also running windows 7 please help me i m totally confused.
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