Are my PC specs ready for EVGA nvidia GTS-450

Hi guys i just want to ask if my Pc specs are fine to run the GTS-450.i currently using ATI hd 5450(that i thought its for gaming)but its not!!!..Here are my specs.

Intel Core i3 540 @3.07ghz
Kingston 8gb ddr3 of memory (2 stick 4gb each)
mobo Intel Corp.model DH55HC
GPU:ATI radeon HD 5450
PSU Cool Master GX Series 650W ATX 12V V2.31 80 PLUS SLI Ready
1.5 TB western digital HDD(one 1TB and one 500gb)Sata.

The Psu has 3.3v@25A 5v@25A 12v@52A -12v@0.5A 5VSB@2.5A

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  1. Cooler Master makes great cases, but their PSUs are not all that great. Go with Corsair PSU -

    Both great and modular!
  2. @Ubrales--seriously? $120 power supplies for a guy that wants an $80 graphics card? Are you even trying to be helpful?

    @manlaiza25: Do you already own the computer and all those parts? I can't recommend you go right out and buy the GTS 450. What games do you play? Are you in the U.S. (so I can list parts)?
  3. It's not the cost, but the quality!

    The Corsair PSU will provide great service and allow for future GPU upgrades, without the need to buy another PSU for the new (and usually higher) GPU.
  4. I own a great Corsair PSU. But why are you recommending $120 PSUs for an $80 upgrade? You could easily recommend a $60 XFX 650W that's excellent as well. I'm just trying to understand how that suggestion is supposed to help the guy.
  5. Is the XFX that you are recommending Modular? I see a lot of advantages in Modular, and Modular is what I recommend; and Corsair.

    When it comes to CPUs, it is Intel for me, even though I have nothing against those who choose AMD.
  6. i think hes on the wrong thread. that or hes just trolling.

    and OP if you are asking if your system can run it. then yes it will with no problems. although i would suggest the 5770 over the gts450 but thats just me.

    hey dalauder, what game is your gif from? i remember that monster thingy but i cant remember the game.
  7. I Would recommend getting the Evga GTs 450 SC at $100 at Nvidia videocard OC better than ATI/Radeon videocards so OC high for better performance and it can defeat the 5770... Also ATI dont support PhysicX so just go with Nvidia...
  8. I doubt he's gonna do a heavy OC on his graphics. Either way, I'd say find a 5770 for $80 or hold out for a GTX 460 deal (not SE). I'm really not a fan of the GTS 450.

    No, that XFX PSU isn't modular (which is nice), but you won't find a good modular PSU in the price range we're talking about.

    OP--I don't trust your PSU, but if you already own it you're probably not buying a new one.
  9. i was playing a flash version and i apperantly died lol

    sorry irrelevant.

    and yes his psu might suck but its still better than bestec psu's
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