Need Graphics Card for HD playback, deinterlacing, *not* gaming

Hey there, looking for advice. I've read some of the monthly "best graphics card for the money" but they note that they're aimed at gamers primarily. I don't play games.


BUDGET RANGE: Under $200 before rebates, but I'm sure I can get by on much less than that.

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Watching video up to 1080p without a hiccup, whether streamed, downloaded, or a physical Blu-Ray disc. Really, that's the main thing, as nothing else I do is very graphics oriented as far as I know. No games, no video editing, etc.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: HIS Radeon HD 4650 (defunct, using an old backup), 580W Mushkin power supply.

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16GHz
RAM: 8GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 PC-6400 800MHz
OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Whatever - Newegg most likely. Am in the United states.

PARTS PREFERENCES: None in particular, though I'm a bit twitchy toward HIS now what with the card going dead in a little over a year.



MONITOR RESOLUTION: Dual monitors, 1920x1200 each.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Need 2 x DVI ports. I own a few other monitors I'd like to plug in if possible but most cards only seem to have 2 connectors. I cold also do 2 x HDMI but I don't know if HDMI is supposed to be better quality at all over DVI for regular PC monitor use...?

So, I want something that will play HD video. Something that will nicely deinterlace SD/DVD video would also be great. I have some trouble with that with the card I have. No settings seem to work, across a variety of software players.

Even if I could basically get what I need from a $50 card, don't hesitate to recommend something a bit more expensive if there's a valid reason for doing so. If there's a $150 card with some really useful feature that I won't find on a basic $50-75 card, I'll consider it.

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  1. This has 1 HDMI and 2 x DVI ... both are superclocked version are same price ($99) after MIR, one more OC'd than the other.

    882 MHz
    822 MHz
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