Looking for a motherboard with... :

Hey there,

Looking for an 1155, Micro-ATX motherboard with :

1. 4 memory slots, if possible. I have four sticks of 2Gig here, but I could waive that if I found the right board with only two slots;
2. One PCI slot. That's the biggie - I am doing this so I can use my Audiophile 24/96 PCI sound card I love so much;
3. Six SATA ports. Speed doesn't really matter;
4. On-board USB 3 header.

An optical S/PDIF out would be quite nice, or at least a S/PDIF header on the board, as a back-up to the sound card if required. I am using this with an XFX 6870 Black Edition graphics card an i5-2400 processor, in a Silverstone GD06B case (hence the desire for USB 3 internal header).

I have my eye on the Asus P8Z68-M Pro already, which has all that I want except the onboard USB 3 header. I searched pretty much everywhere, but couldn't seem to find a board that gave me all of the above. Did I miss something?

If I buy the Asus, I'll just buy a Silverstone PCI-E card with an internal USB 3 header, but I'd love to see if I can do this all with built-in features instead.

Thanks for the help! =)
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  1. i have a msi z68a-gd65 and im really happy with it its got usb 3,1155 socket,4 memory sockets (ddr3),cheap,6 sata ports (2 are sata 3 i think) so 4 are sata 2 and 2 are sata 3
  2. also 2 pci x16@3.0 and i think they are 2 pci x1 slots as well.
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