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6850 Performance increase over 5770?

Title says it all.

I just found a couple of 6850s (new) on eBay for $139. These normally retail for $180-$200.

I currently have an HD 5770 installed. Particularly this one.

I mainly want to get a better card for Crysis 2, as I'm waiting for my i5 750 to ship so I can finish my 1156 build. It's tri CF/SLI capable, so I'm curious to see if jumping on this deal would be worth it.

So, would it? Would I see a noticeable performance increase in games like Crysis and such? Or would it only be like five or so frames better? Would it be smarter to just crossfire a second 5770?

Also, the GTX 465 is selling for $160 on Newegg. It's the PNY XLR8 version with the black PCB that can be unlocked. I'd need to get a molex to PCI-e adapter for it since it needs two connectors, but besides that minor setback would this be a better deal instead?

If I buy a new card, I'd just give my current card to my siblings along with my current computer.
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  1. Its a lot faster and $139 is not to bad for it being used i would get it then later down the road another one for crossfire.
  2. GTX 465 are horrible, don't get one, especially for that price. I wouldn't pay more than $125 for one of those.

    Yeah thats a good deal on the 6850, not a GIGANTIC leap, but a decent one for the price, especially if you sell the 5770 for a good amount.
  3. Helltech said:
    GTX 465 are horrible, don't get one, especially for that price. I wouldn't pay more than $125 for one of those.

    Not even for one that is potentially a GTX 470 for $70 cheaper?
  4. What resolution are you playing at?
  5. Embra said:
    What resolution are you playing at?
    Usually 1600x1200, with 1280x1024 for Crysis.
  6. sartorius said:
    Usually 1600x1200, with 1280x1024 for Crysis.

    If your budget is under 200, then the 6850 is a good deal .... if you can wait and muster a bit more cash, I would get a card with a little more future to it. You could consider CFing the 5770 and get a nice single card later on as well. ;)
  7. Hmm..

    I think I might just Crossfire a second 5770 for now or something.

    I'll wait for my book refunds and get a 6950; by then they'll probably be cheaper.

    I'm always open to more suggestions though.
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    6850 is a good card but you might not satisfied with the performance jump. i think it is better to CF your current 5770. it should be cheaper that way.
  9. Well, I settled on getting a second 5770. Just bought it for $100, along with a molex to PCI-e adapter and a Crossfire bridge.

    Only cost me $107.90 altogether, which is actually cheaper than my first 5770 by itself.

    Thanks guys.

    Now I just gotta wait for the rest of my parts to come in, and I'll be set.
  10. Sounds good, I hope it gives you the boost you want until your ready for the next upgrade. :)
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