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12 GB RAM (7.99 Usable)

My new setup isn't reading my RAM properly. Normally, I'd assume that one of the RAM sticks is dead.

I've already physically removed each individual stick and re-seated them. Since all the RAM sticks checked out, I've figured out that it seems to be SODIMM Slot #2 that is not reading the RAM properly.

I reset my BIOS to default (minus RAID) so there's no overclocking atm.

Processor: i7-990x
Mobo: Alienware J560M
RAM: G.Skill 12GB (4GB x3)

I don't think its hardware because just yesterday (literally) I was running the full 12GB RAM perfectly fine with my i7-920.

Any software or firmware related problems known to occur?

Google didn't really help me much because the only decent thread about this has declared the problem to be hardware or BIOS
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  1. Check msconfig -> Boot tab -> Advanced Options
    Make sure that maximum memory is unchecked.
  2. Done, maximum memory is unchecked but still only 7.99 usable
  3. Bump, still not solved.

    Thanks for your help.
  4. Q - What exact G.SKILL kit? ; provide a link.

    Meanwhile try booting with (1) stick in the DIMM slot closest to the CPU assuming you only have (3) DIMM slots or 2nd from the CPU if 6xDIMM slots. Rule-out a bad stick. Then try (1) stick in all (3) DIMM slots, now this may or may not work with an oddball channel arrangement ; purpose check for a bad DIMM slot.

    I need the specifics on your kit before posting voltages.

    I've already ruled out any bad sticks since I already tried swapping them all in the same slot (also ran memtest) I'm going to try having only one stick of RAM in and it'll be the DIMM slot that is giving me issues (The middle one.)

    Also yes, I only have three DIMM slots. The 1st and 3rd ones are fine but the center one is the one that reads the RAM but doesn't allow me to use it.

    Up'ing voltage on my RAM and changing it from 2T to 1T doesn't make any difference either. I tried changing the timings around a bit (bit slower) but also the no result.

    I'm not an avid overclocker so I'm really just tinkering around places I probably shouldn't.

    Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.
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    RAM: DDR3-1600 CAS 8-8-8-24-2N @ 1.60v

    If running @ Defaults i.e. DDR3-1066 doesn't work then you've got a dead DIMM Slot.

    Typically to get something like your RAM to work properly (high frequency/low CAS), you'll need to have the DRAM Voltage 1.60v~1.65v, the (QPI or VTT) DRAM Voltage 1.25v~1.35v, CAS Timings as above including the Command Rate of 2N (same as 2T or just 2).

    However, that still leaves the DIMM Slot. About the only thing that can be done is to carefully examine the DIMM contacts for any obvious pin misalignment. Next, using Isopropyl alcohol dampen a stick of RAM's contacts, insert damp into the DIMM socket, remove and clean and repeat 2~3 times, remove and allow to dry 5 minutes.
  7. I cleaned it and changed voltages/clocks etc.

    Still not working =\ Is there any reason that my computer detects the RAM but can't use it?

    Hence the 12 GB RAM (7.99 Usable)
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