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I currently have an EVGA GeForce GTX 470, with nVidia ForceWare 258.96 drivers. I want to update my drivers, and hopefully it will solve my Black Ops problems. My question is, should I download the new drivers and run the setup as usual, or would it be better if I uninstall the old drivers through the Control Panel before attempting to install new drivers? I heard that Driver Sweeper doesn't check the right places anymore, but I'm probably wrong. Or is there no need, and the new 266.58 drivers are able to remove my old 258.96 drivers without any problems?

Thanks :)
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  1. Since you mention having problems with the old drivers -- it would be best to run driver sweeper to remove the old drivers first. Just to ensure that any problems that may exist are removed prior to installing the new drivers. (sometimes when just installing new drivers the old files will remain if they have not been changed which can let a problem file remain while removing with driver sweeper will get rid of those files so that the new install does a complete install of all files.)
  2. Alright, thank you. I had an HD 4770 before this, and I removed the old Catalyst 10.1 drivers completely using Driver Sweeper. I'm just thinking that the game had problems, but I guess I might as well run DS.

    Is it as normal, uninstall drivers, boot in safe mode, use driver sweeper, install new drivers, then reboot?
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