HELP! I just bought a macbook pro today and I have no idea how to connect it to

I was so excited to buy my macbook pro and I finally got it :bounce: but I can't connect to my Orange Livebox... I would really appreciate some easy to follow instructions. I've already tried putting the special code in the URL adress bar but didn't find much info concerning the code I need. On my Macn in the top right hand corner, theres the little wireless icon and when I click on it I can select my Livebox but it then asks me for a password. I've tried the security code on the bottom of the box but nothing happens and I've also tried 'admin' but the button 'join/okay' isn't even highlighted. Thank you so much in advance. :ange:
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  1. HELP ME PLEASE....or at least tell that you don't know and that I ought to call a technician...:)
  2. The password it is asking seems like a security password. Try connecting it directly with the cable and go into the Livebox account setting and either just reenter a new security password. Then disconnect the cable and try connecting again and type in the new security password you just changed.
  3. I don't actually have this particular access point, but a quick search shows that the default ip for it is (yahoo answers) and the default username and password are admin and admin (livebox faq). These values should allow you, when you are connected to the livebox by an ethernet cable, to access the admin console by: 1. opening you web browser 2. typing the above ip address into the address bar of the web browser 3. entering the username and password when prompted. You should now be in the web admin console, and according to the above linked faq "Navigate through the menu on the left: Security -> Wireless Connection". In this menu or one close to it there should be a field for the wireless password, which you can either change or else write down what is already in it. This will be the wireless password you need. If there is an option, you should make sure that the livebox is using WPA ore WPA2 encryption; NOT WEP. A good idea might be to just explore the whole menu structure so you know where different settings are for future reference. If the default password doesn't let you in to the web console, you need to contact whoever set up the box and find out what they set these values to, or else reset the livebox. The faq should answer most other questions.
  4. Firstly thank you so much for all your help. However I have tried changing the password and everything. The link where I can configure my livebox settings works fine with the password 'admin'...etc however the password that controls the livebox and supposedly is what I need to make my connection is exactly the same one under my livebox, when I tried to change it, it said that it has to be 26 letters, digits and letters and basically described the security number under my livebox. Right, so all in all I have no cooking clue what to do. Ive tried typing every code to make it work. But one thing I did do was in these livebox settings, it gives you an option to not have a security pass key. I ticked the box and all of a sudden none of the pc's in the house would connect to internet so i undid what I did but firstly tried it out and my mac still asked for a password. Just to make the situation clear. Today I bought a Mac, beforehand I was using somebody else's laptop and there were originally two laptops in the house ( now there are three). These two laptops made a connection to the livebox no problem( they are both Dell which im sure you know is completely different to Mac) Now today I bought a mac and immediatly the little setup helper asked me for the password, i thought this was the security code under the livebox;..but it didn't work. Theres the situation, I can only get onto internet via the dell. Please help, I know it seems impossible but we can do it =D
  5. Restory the Livebox back to factory default. It should be a option in one of the tabs. Then try the wireless on Macbook (make sure to search for wireless and pick the correct SSID). It should not require a password at this stage to connect wirelessly.

    If you can connect at this point then go ahead and set up a new SSID and security. Do a new search for the new SSID and reenter the security password. If you can get connected good. You will have to go to your other two notebooks and change there settings also. If you used the same SSID as before make sure you go to manage wireless connections and remove the SSID before you search and enter then new security.

    I can navigate through Macs if I have one I am working on but without being there it makes it difficult. Try connecting your Macbook by taking it to a hotspot and connecting wirelessly. That will confirm if its a setting issue. If you can then I would call the Livebox support. If you cant I would call Macbook support and they can walk you through the settings.
  6. Already got a problem...I cant find default anywhere in one of these tabs. Are we clear on the place that I should look for it ? The livebox setting 'panel'. I get it if I type '' into my URL bar. Do you know which tab exactly? I have the following:
    -My services
    -System Information
  7. The link elel posted had the info in it.

    How do I Factory Reset my Livebox?

    Remember: Doing this will bring the Livebox back to it's factory default settings. Any reconfigurations you've made to the Livebox (including username and password, wireless and firewall configurations) will be LOST!

    •Pull the power lead out of the livebox (leaving it still plugged into the wall socket)
    •Hold down the 1 button on the back of the Livebox
    •Plug the power lead back into the Livebox
    •Keep holding the 1 button for 10 seconds after you have plugged the power lead back in, and then let go.
    •Give the Livebox about 2 minutes to reboot itself.

    Read through the faq, it has great information.
  8. Be aware that resetting the box will most likely cause your other computers to loose connection, and may also reset your connection settings to the isp. If they (the isp) offer support for their boxes, you may want to call them and see if they can give advice.
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