I bought asus gtx 550 ti, plz suggest me a cheap .i3 supportedMotherboard ,i\'m

Plz suggest me a cheap asus Motherboard for my asus gtx 550 ti card & i3 processor,
i cant afford P8 mobo, & i'm not a ultra range of gamer
min setting is enough for me
my old mobo is asus p5kpl & duel core 2.80 ghz ,4 gb ddr2 memory
but when i connected gtx 550 ti ,i ain't got any signal & my cpu sounds scarry.
PLzzzzzzzzzz reply me
& ignore my incorrect english
Thank you
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  1. How much do you want to spend ?
  2. If you are thinking you have to match an Asus card with an Asus board, you don't. If you are just a fan of Asus boards, here is an assortment by cost lowest to highest for the LGA 1155 socket:
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