Advice on new build, Gaming Rig, 1000-1500

Approximate Purchase Date: Monday or Tuesday (4/4, 4/5)

Budget Range: 1000-1500 (closer to 1000 the better)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Watching Videos, CAD Drafting, Surfing the internet

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:, or (All needs to be from one site, so i can print up the final bill)

Country of Origin: USA

Parts Preferences: Sandy Bridge i5,
Cooler Master Scout Case

G.Skill ripjaw series memory (2x4gb)

Because they both look cool

Overclocking: NO

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe Eventually

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: I would like a cool looking pc, lots of lights and what not, need to show it off to the friends...
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  1. Give me a some time to set something up for you.

    Storm Scout Case $79.99
    (Although if it were me I would go with this case)
    Antec 900 V3 Case $109.99 ($79.99 /w mail in rebate)
    G. Skill 8GB RAM $84.99 (consider this ram instead its built for sandy bridge and P67 platforms)
    i5-2500 Quad-Core Processor $209.99 If your not going to be overclocking the stock cooler and stock thermal paste should be fine for your needs. Thermal paste comes preapplied I beleive.
    Corsair TX650 650w power supply $99.99 PSU should more than fit your needs. If you decide to go SLI I would upgrade to at least a corsair TX850.
    GTX 570 Graphics Card $349.99
    Western Digital 1TB HDD $94.99
    MSI P67A-GD53 Motherboard $149.99
    OR if you want to fork out more money a better SLI board is
    ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution motherboard $259.99
    DVD burner drive $22.99

    WHOLE build cost on newegg is $1122.92 not including shipping. tack on another $110 if you decide to go the P8P67 MOBO
  2. Build guide in my siggy.

    I tell the buyer to get the 2500K/2600K, BUT since you are not overclocking, just get the 2600 version, without the K. I suggest the 2600 in your case because CAD requires pretty decent amount of CPU power and Hyper threading would help in this situation. So since your not going to get a workstation card, it'd be beneficial to get a better CPU.

    Cheaper the better. DDR3 xxxx has no real world difference. Any app will not notice ANY change AT ALL.
  3. AZN is right. the i7 2600 series would be better for CAD. HOWEVER, the i7 2600 runs almost $100 more than the i5 2500.
    BTW you dont HAVE to get a SSD but if you want your boot times to be way fast and put some often used games or programs on it I suggest going into newegg and buying a 60 gb one. AZN can probably suggest a decent one. OCZ vertex are good so heres one:
    OCZ vertex SATA II 40GB SSD $114.99
    PS: if you want a bigger SSD they are more expensive.
  4. Which is why I do recommend the 2500 as well, however yes I would suggest the 2600 over the 2500 just because of CAD. If it was light CAD, then the 2500 is sufficient. Even the 2400.

    OP is a microcenter an option? They sell the 2500 for, I believe, 170$. I know the 2500K @ Microcenter is $180. That's 50$ off MSRP.
  5. I think the 2500 goes for $209 off newegg but if you can get it at a lower price then go for it. Light CAD drafting will not even use it to full potential. I think its perfect for your needs unless you need to do some heavy CAD drafting. which if your going to be more gaming then drafting, its perfect for you
  6. I was referring to the 2500K being 50$ off MSRP @ Micro, not the 2500 @ Newegg. But yes, that is true. It would be good just to have it if ever needed. But it's OP's decision.
  7. I know I just edited my post. I couldnt find the 2500 on microcenter but I found the 2400. $149.99
  8. yes it should. the GTX 570 I suggested you could fit two in that case. But if you would feel comfortable getting a roomier full tower case the Antec twelve hundred V3 is $159.99 I doubt you will really need it however.
  9. If you want to get extra fans The antec 900 comes with two optional fan slots as well. its quite roomy for a mid sized case.
  10. You'll be bottle necking your $350 GPU with a $150 CPU. I think... I'm not an expert.
  11. Alright, based on the input ive gotten, i think ive come up with a good set up here, correct me if im wrong (because i probably am)

    Optical: Drive LG DVD Burner- $19.99

    Case: Antect 900- $109.99

    Data Disk: Western Digital Caviar Green 1.5TB-$69.99

    Primary Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 500 GB-$39.99

    GPU: Asus GTX 570-$349.99

    PSU: Croasir 850tx-$139.99

    RAM: G.skill ripjaw series 8GB-$84.99

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate-$179.99

    Combo Deal-$394.98

    CPU:Intel i5 2500k


    Total Price:$1,389.90
    After MIR:$1,339.90
  12. corsair 850 is overkill 650 would be better unless your SURE you going SLI .Combo deal is nice, 2500k is nice. If your not overclocking its a waste of extra money. But getting into overclocking is fun and you can reach speeds past 4 Ghz on the stock cooler from what I hear.
  13. I'm pretty sure im gonna SLI, just dont have the money to do it right off the bat
  14. Drop the 2500K if your not going to OC as said by Midget666.

    850 is good amount, since your going to SLI eventually. However your "Brand" preference is really expensive. Non-modular 850w for 140$ that's really expensive. Try this.
    Modular, 10$ more but worth it. WAY better efficiency and just all around updated to standards, that TX is a bit old.
  15. question, am i gonna be dissapointed if i go for the i5 instead of the i7? Is it worth the 100 bucks extra, this will be primarily gaming, its not like im going to be doing super intense CAD work, just little stuff. What would be best?
  16. the i5 would be best then. The i7 would be fore rather intensive CAD, if you plan to do some crazier cad in the future than it's better to just get the i7.
  17. that TX is old cause he didnt go for the new version. There is a newer version of the TX850 but the PSU that Azn suggested is superb. I have a question myself Azn. If I have dual heavily OC GTX 580 in SLI and a heavily OC i7 2600k will an 850W PSU do it or should I go at least 1000w because Ill be running quite a few fans and such. Along with an exernal portable Hard Drive that runs off the power of the PC. Im thinking of this PSU cause its very highly rated
    Corsair HX series 1000W PSU
  18. Parts Preferences: Sandy Bridge i5, = EWWWWWW

    here is a prob... everyone loves the Sandybridge processors but make sure u know they have design flaws and was recalled besides the L1155 Intel announced that it had found a design flaw in its Cougar Point 6 series chipset, with the LGA 1155 socket. By April 2011 they should have all new boards and processors with the flaws fixed. but i would get Phenom black 965 with 2MB L2 and 6MB L3 cache for gaming, i see u have an DX11 card not DX10... BF3 is on the way :sol: I believe the "I5 B3" version fixed some flaws for Sandybridge. AMD what flaws? and very cool with stock fan 65c antek 900 case BC2 for hours never gets to 70c hope this helps a little :hello:
  19. what design flaws are you referring too. I know plenty of people who use sandy bridge and have never had a problem. Also Intel has resolved the issue with the cougar point chipset. ill send you the link
  20. Jan 31, 2011 ... A design error has forced Intel to recall its much-heralded Sandy Bridge processor, a mistake that will cost $1 billion to correct. ... L1155 chipset probs? really big news? i thinkeddd :wahoo: yup new ones rolling out this month :)
  21. yeah and did you see that it was corrected? you didnt go to my link. volume supposed to be back up in april.
  22. Lawl you know whats funny about this fan boy.

    Look at an i3 2100 (130$ and only a dual core) kick all the AMD chips butt.,2859.html

    Then look at an i5 2500K vs their top of the line all mighty 1100T

    They're both the same price. Don't forget the 2500K can OC to 4.6ghz+ can the 1100T do that? 32nm is the wave of the future (then 28nm then whatever comes after) until AMD releases BD, you simply cannot recommend ANY of their current 45nm chips. You must be mucho stupido if you do.

    By the way, your really late on the news Venom. All US stock of B3 P67's are back up. Certainly not to the old B2 stock. But defiantly the chipset is fixed. There was also only one error. The SATA II Degradation. That's all the problems.

    Oh here's a blast of the past btw.
    i5 750 vs 965

    The old i5 750 still beats it marginally.
  23. I could care how many cores u have. yes i will put a AMD vs Intel anyday for gaming :)
  24. that makes no sense at all as an argument
  25. Intel architecture is much different than AMD. AMD has started to go for Quantity over quality. They have an AMD processor out that has 12 cores. You know what the cost of this is? $1000+. This site shows benchmarks and this particular processor is beat in Benchmark by the i7 2600k by a full 1000 points. and the i7 2600k runs for $314.99 on newegg. Ok lets see you put an AMD over an Intel in a gaming computer. Waste of money for AMD. They are IMO only good in mid range computing cause they have price over performance at that range. NOT for gaming
  26. maby you never used an AMD chip before. there isnt one game ever that an AMD chip couldent play on max settings. unless its under the games specs, your acting like AMD could never be used to play high end 3d graphics or CAD Drafting besides encoding 2 hour movies in less then 10 min or burning movies besides watching them. 300 dollars for the processor id spend 300 on motherboard&processor then spend more on better video card with the $$ no game is going to make a phenom x4 bottleneck :) only your video or not enough ram :) this fourm is to help the person with the question "is this the best for me for what i plan to do with it!" seeing how he wants to spend around $1,000 dont attack someone else trying to help with other options. oh, and 12 cores doesent give them more cache 4x or 12x cores 6-8MB cache still only 6-8MB :) u forget your place. with any processor with 2MB L2 and 6 to 8 MB L3 cache 4x processors is fine for ANY GAME!!!! Intel or Amd...... and that is what he is asking :) u could just tell him clock speed and memory speed besides 256bit or better and DX11 for your video card is more important then how u feel about amd. DDR3 for long lasting system 4GB chips with DDR3 and not alot of $$$$ besides get a bundle deal for your board and processor both newegg and tigerdirect great. up for grabs when PCI-E Geforce vs AMD do all your research hope this helps :non:
  27. I wasnt saying that they couldnt run it on max settings neccessarily. I was saying benchmark performance. You can get the intel 2500k for the same price as AMD Phenom II X6 and it will out perform it. For CAD drafting sandy bridge is perfect with hyperthreading tech. and these forums are to help him create a build so im helping him by showing him the intel vs AMD controversy. Intel has been PROVEN to outperform AMD with AMD being behind in the race so far. You sir are forgetting your place. IMHO Intel is better when going higher end computing especially in a 1-1.5k build. Thats all I am trying to say. The facts in the link I posted above show it too.
  28. Gawd are you retarded venom. I'm using a 955 typing this as we speak.

    And motherboards are BARELY CHEAPER! Enthusast classed P67 cost the same as enthusiast class 890FX boards. Don't even bull **** venom. Stop being a fan boy and get your facts straight.
  29. This might sound bad but, is there anyway to "unsubscribe" from this thread. It's become a flame war with an ignorant AMD fanboy -.-
  30. ^ +1 hah.
  31. + 1 and 1 and... ^ (To the OP) Must say sweet build for the $$$ ;)
  32. Tack on another for intel :D the only time i would ever put an AMD in a computer is if i wanted to throw it off a cliff :D
  33. Addressed to Venom and the other flamers on board. I am an AMD fan boy. Have been born and bred as such, and guess what. Just placed my order for a new 2600k system. Really can't argue with all of the information out there. I was planning to wait for bulldozer to be completed but you really can not pass up the performance to $$ margin that Intel is offering with the 2500k and 2600k chips.

    Why waste your money cuz of a chip set manufacturer? Currently Intel is hands down winning in this market. So why not pull your head out of your arse and buy better not branding. :non:
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