Any upgrade path worth it ?

Hey there, last time I asked something here, I got very good advices so here I go again.

I got the upgrade bite (again) and would like to know if anything is worth it so far. I bought an XFX 6850 back in november with plans to Xfire but until now, what I read on the subject makes it look like if it wasn't a good idea due to drivers issues, microstutter and games issues (back then, almost everyone recommended the Xfire path because it was cheap AND powerful) and also, If I was to add a new AMD card (Which would require me to find a very long Xfire bridge due to me having an EVGA P55 FTW) it would be blowing hot air RIGHT into my PSU which I don't like at all.

The games I'm looking for are Witcher 2, F.E.A.R. 3, Deadspace 2, TES 5 (Yeah it's a long way and hardware is bound to change until then but seeing how oblivion was heavy on our machines...) ,Lost planet 1 & 2 (Which is the reason I thought about going green because well... Radeon don't do well AT ALL with tesselation) and maybe Dragon age 2 (If it is better than the first).

So far I was considering 6950 (and try to unlock it, if it doesn't work then it's still good I guess), GTX570 or even GTX580 and I was also wondering if my 6850 had resale value or if I'd be better to stick with it and wait for a next gen ? Beside, I wouldn't want to make a small upgrade... I read a lot of reviews and so far, I'm even more confused about my options than I was when I first thought about it (460s, 560s, 570 and another one down the road, 580, 6950s, 6970). Could you help me a bit there ? What would YOU do ?

Budget is about around 500$ but ONLY if it really brings me a real increase in performance, not just a couple more fps. (SLI could be an option but I'd have to be convinced that's it's worth the occasional problems maybe if some of you have good past experiences ?)

My system specs :

i5 750 @ 4ghz
G.skill ripjaws 1600mhz
XFX 6850 @ 900/1150
Evga P55 FTW (and it's friggin long spacing between the two pci-e slots)
Silverstone strider 75F 750W (4*6pins, no 6+2 pins don't know if it's possible to buy 6 to 6+2 pins ?)
HAF 932

TIA to everyone,
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  1. What monitor are you using and what resolution?? -- THe reason I ask is if you are using a 60Hz. monitor then any FPS over 60FPS is wasted (the monitor refresh rate determines how fast a new screen can be drawn so unless you have a monitor capable of 120Hz operation any FPS above 60 is just ignored since the monitor can only display 60FPS) -- so any upgrade if you are already getting above 60FPS will not be noticeable in anything other than benchmarks so is a waste IMO. So unless you are using multiple monitors or a 120 mhz. monitor you should wait for awhile since upgrading from the 6850 will not get any noticeable improvement.
  2. Sorry, my bad. Currently gaming on an ASUS VW266 at 1920*1200 and no it's not a 120hz monitor, still on the old 60hz and not planning on getting a 120hz anytime soon otherwise I'd have to blow A LOT of money on a display the same size as mine (if it exists yet). Yeah usually I'm getting good fps, don't know if it's over 60 as I didn't really check with fraps but I can't really tell if I'm having drops so I guess it's fine...

    I've been seeing dips into the high 30s and low 40s with Assassin's creed 2 and the 2 latest STALKER (pripyat and clear sky) when all details except AA are cranked up and so far, benchies weren't kind when lost planet 2 was tested on the 6850 because of tessellation...

    Meh, I guess the upgrade bug got me mainly because of lost planet and the fact that I sold my 4890 to get a 6850 (which is more of a sidegrade than upgrade) and thought about getting another down the road but now that I've got the money, I'm not sure anymore that I wanna blow another 200$ dollars and end up cursing crossfire, hence the thought of really upgrading, wiping the wrong choices I think I made...

    Thanks for your advice.
  3. the 6990 is knocking at the doorstep. probably wait for about 2 months after it releases but then again you don't like dual gpu setups.

    imho, a gtx580 would be a worthwhile upgrade assuming you can get them for 500$ range, if not a 6970 would prove a dramatic increase in performance if you're really itching to upgrade.
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