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M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 No Q-Connector

Help. I am working on my first build (although I've done a lot of repair & retrofitting, so not totally ignorant?). I did an external build to install & test main components on the board (AMD3 CPU, Hyper 212 Plus & 8GB Corsair DDR vengence RAM). So far so good, I got my post beep & the fans on the PSU and the CPU cooler spun up when I paperclip shorted the reset pins. I started reading ahead in the ASUS manual to figure out what my cabling issues might be before I attached the MOBO to the HAF 932, and came across the Q-Connector reference, only to find it wasn't included in my box of parts.

Can I finish my build tonight without the Q-connector, if I carefully slot the Reset, Power & IDE_LED onto the appropriate pins on the MOBO, so I can continue the rest of my build? It doesn't seem like that should be a problem and it seems like I could go back and retrofit the Q-connector back in if either ASUS or NewEgg ever sends me one, but I'm not sure and, as noted above, it's my 1st build I thought I would be wise to seek some expert advice before going forward.

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  2. Like rolli59 ^ wrote, u don't really need them.

    The Q-Connectors just make it easier to install, but that is all.
  3. Thank you!

    DUH, I should have Googled Q-Connectors instead of just heading to the best site for hardware questions. My bad. Thank you so much for cluing me in.
  4. rolli59 said:

    I'm trying to suggest this as best answer & close the thread as solved, but cannot find a way to do it.
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