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Have a 5770 thats about 6 months old..only gaming I do is wow but in last couple of weeks while playing monitor would shut off. Ran furmark with cpu-z..lasted about 30 seconds into test then shut down..log showed gpu temp #1 65c..gpu temp #2 106c..gpu#3 65c....Is it my gpu? Is there other tests I can run? Only shuts down when I play the game. Thanks for the help
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  1. 65 is fine but 106 is too high! Is the cooler clean and fan spinning?
  2. that was the first thing I did was clean fins and fan is spinning tks
  3. oh..and also had side cover off and noticed a little red light come on right before it would shut down if thats any help
  4. red light on gpu
  5. That is a thermal shut down! I would go ahead and RMA the card since it is under warranty. Otherwise removing the cooler for thermal paste replacement could work.
  6. Can you describe the conditions of the room and the system such as ambient or room temp. Need to work this through so it doesn't happen again to your next card.
  7. Ambient temperature of the room your in, and your location.

    If your in a warm local consider a floor standing case with alot of air volume and addional cooling, especially if you have alot of HD's etc.

    Adjust your power saving so suplemental HD's spin down after x time, to cut down on your heat profile.

    And service your card, make sure the cooler is clean if its outta warranty strip it down clean your cooler and replace if needed, replace the thermal paste with a good high quality compound ensuring you clean the GPU surface and the heatsink properly before applying.

    Make sure all your cables are tidy for good airflow.

    Other option of course is water cooling, though if you have a high ambient temperature your still likely to have problems.
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