Need quick answer about AM3

just bought a new mobo **

and new CPU **

and I am wondering will the AM3 processors work with the AM3+ boards...just called Asus and they told me no...but I read countless forums saying the am3's would work with AM3+ boards...and now I am confused as heck and wondering if i spent my money in the wrong place? someone plz help

Thank you and it is much appreciated! - David
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  1. Yes am3 chips will work on am3+ boards, same as am2 chips work on am2+ plates,
    maybe a bios revision needed but you should be fine,
    although if you've gone am3+ on the board, the minimum chip I'd put in there would be a 955BE
  2. well it is a completely new build and i cannot get the comp to post or the cpu even get warm (yes i have a Heatsinkfan on it) so i called asus and they told me the CPU and mobo were not compatible lol but i will show i ordered a replacement CPU from newegg and i will plug it in to see if this is the problem...ive already check the PSU CPU plug in with a multimeter so that is not the prob...anywho i will repost if anything goes wrong when i try out the new CPU in 2 days :) thank you for your answer :)

    Send this link to that idiot who took your call. The link shows every CPU from a Sempron to the latest Phenom II X6 as compatible with the Asus Sabertooth 990FX AM3+ board. So clearly AM3 CPU's are compatible with AM3+ chipset boards. Besides, why would any manufacturer launch boards without any processor ready for it!
  4. Was that Asus, North Dakota, with whom you talked ??

    Asus Tire and Auto ??

    Asus Lawn and Labor ??

    (somebody stop me ...)
  5. Asus just getting silly now....
    Works best with irish accent :-)
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