Looking to Upgrade a bit

Okay, I've been thinking a lot lately and I know I want to either build a new system or just upgrade this one into the new system.

My current system
Mobo: Gigabyte's P31-ES3G
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual core E5200
Memory: 3gb DDR2 800mhz
Graphics: Ati Radeon HD 4850

I've been reading a lot and learning a lot and what it seems there's all the stuff going on with the new intel new LGA 1155 chipset I figured upgrading this rather than building a new. now cause I read the newer motherboards coming out beginning of next year and I don't know a ton about it. But I figured I'd be best wait a while for intel to fix all the issues and provide more stability with the new stuff coming out. Anyways, Moving along The only things I'd do a ton of are All of blizzard entertainment's games. from Diablo, Starcraft 2 and World of warcraft. I don't know what I'd need when Diablo 3 comes out and I want to be able to run my computer with full graphics and such and get minimum lag and strong stability. My girlfriend will mostly jut be watching HD video. So if anyone could offer some input on where I should go. I've looked into some upgrade for my current system and come up with a Q8400 cheaper for short term upgrade and some new ram. Would upgrading motherboard be worth it or those two be good enough till the new stuff next year?
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  1. How much for that Q8400? Keep your RAM. Try to sell the CPU and the video card and get a HD 6850 or something.
  2. The Q8400 are only $164.99 There the cheaper of the proc. My ram I figured I could replace because my board requires 1.8v dual channel and I have 2.0v ram I think I don't remember exactly. Plus, I use The Virtualbox app and I could use a good some of extra ram. What's the current best ati card $300 and under. I've been looking into the XFX 6870. Cause I could definitely use it on my new build when time comes.

    I don't know what kind of PSU I put in this. I'll take a look later but would that be another upgradeable component with the newer gpu I'm sure will need the extra power. even the cpu maybe.
  3. Also, Forgot to mention I'd probably upgrade my Hard drives, At least add a second for storage to keep important stuff making my transfer easier to a new build when I do it. I figured the Western Digital Caviar blue drive 1TB would be good for that. Then later upgrade the hard drive I have. But, My dilemma I'd want to add windows 7 home premium to this and keep that. Then add Windows 7 professional to my new computer. This way after I do build the new computer I can still turn back to this one to use as a back-up or something like that.
  4. So any comments and or suggestions this seems like a good way to go?
  5. This site isn't seeming very helpful. :/
  6. Sounds good looking into those parts now and I sadly haven't had time yet to get into the power supply maybe can do it today. The graphics cards on the other hand. I like those 2 I've looked into them before. But, is the only real difference the memory clock? Also I notice the OpenGL is different on them and the core clock is lower on the 6950, which I don't think much will affect with what I'd be doing.
  7. Can't compare the specs, those use two different GPUs. The 6950 is 10-15% faster than the 6870 but the 6870 is much faster than the 4850 anyway.

    In order to activate the XFX lifetime warranty you must register it on their site within 30 days.
  8. awesome, I had another post haven't gotten anything on it yet. What would be suggested for a nice Motherboard $150 and under LGA 775. compatible with the Q8400 and Hyper 212 plus.
  9. What is your budget, exactly?

    Because the money you are spending right now looks to put you in SandyBridge range. You are talking about buying a CPU, a new board, a new PSU and a new GPU.

    You can get an i2500K for $220 and a good P67 board for $189. I just bought a i-2500K at the local MicroCenter for $180 last night (if you have one in your area)

    So my question is basically why are you going to shell out $315 for a sub-par CPU and old generation board when $409 can get you into something vastly superior and current? Especially when you're proposing buying the newest hot GPU and a PSU.

    You're not really "saving" $100, you're just going to cost yourself money in the long run by putting yourself behind the curve. :sol:
  10. I'm selling and slowly replacing parts, I won't have the money to buy it all at once. But, I did figure my total will be about $800-870 on upgrades Some of which will be going into the new build I'll be working on next year. Behind the curve though honestly doubt any blizzard games or HD movie will need much more than a Q8400 and 4gb of ram. I'm just upgrading this for the extra boost. but if you got a list of Good Truly quality components that can sum up a new rig for me about $900 and under I'll look into just building a new simple cheaper rig. Won't need a case aready got one of those. So list the mobo, cpu, and ram with a total of those parts being about $370. Believe I'd already have everything else covered.
  11. I admit I'm slightly confused by your objective since your initial post says just a new CPU to plunk into the board. Some shoddy RAM will run you $30-$40. $200, wait until next year, money well spent.

    Once you started talking about investing into a video card and possible the mobo you've started pushing into a price point where I question the value per dollar. Now we're talking about a $500-$600 upgrade for what? Since you're looking at a sexy new card, it doesn't seem reasonable to pair it with an schelpy old machine. Next year when you build a new machine you'll just replace the card again anyway for the new hotness. You also don't need that hot new card to run Blizzard games or HD movies, so that argument is moot too. ;)

    This is not $350, but it is $460.

    Coming in at $460:


    I do actually have this exact set of parts and it's pretty dang slick. Additionally, the 2500K is so easy to OC in that board my mom could do it. It's also paired with a Hyper 212. I specifically recommended that board and RAM because I personally have them, you can get a cheaper board depending on your specific needs. If you do not intend to OC you can drop to a P61 series board and the 2500 and then the price difference with teh Q8400 becomes equivlant to a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

    I think the Q8400 at the price point you're talking about is just an absolute waste of money. Total dollars slightly less, yes, but value-per-dollar is terrible.
  12. As I said I'm upgrading into the new system. The PSU and all that would be transfered into the new tower when I build it. I'm just buying the other components that I can for now. All I'd have to do next year is get ram, cpu, and the newer motherboard then. I don't really know what all I'm doing I just want to have a good computer now that will last me good and clean till next year. Then I could build a real tower and either sell this or give it to my girlfriend or kid. anywayz I'm looking on those products now that you posted
  13. That sounds awesome. The one reason I'm looking for a pinch of extra potential is I'd play the game at times when I have nothing to do for a week. Just that the entire week the computer would be running full SC2 Wow Catclysm (not to mention a number of addons) and Diablo 3 as soooon as it comes out I'm jumping on it and Want my computer to remain 100% stable and cool. Plus, I may every once in a while be doing video editing for friends/family generally I do a little of everything and want the machine to be capable of handling it. What I got now just doesn't. Next year I'll be dropping roughly $2200 in a new computer build. I'm going to make it my last ground up build and have it planned mre towards upgrading overtime. something that will last years. I added those 3 components you posted to my list The thing I'll be building now will be a temporay machine probably sold for a good some later. But, My total may end up $1100. plus shipping and tax. more than expected but gues thats hw technology works.
  14. forgot to mention will probably try to add another monitor. While gaming can browse the web or change music whatever needed without leaving fullscreen or going windowed mode=}
  15. Okay, Heres the buy order



    You showed those I'd get those very first from there I can use everything else that I Already have. Although I'd prefer to buy a new case the one I got is fairly beat up. You think the

    Would work well? it's on the cheaper scale I was going to get it right after I got a new windows disk before I got the internal parts.
    Maybe something a little more mid grade price Not sure haven't looked for anything yet aside from what others have advised.


    That appears to be a nice case. I'm thinking that be as far up in price I'd go though
  16. That won't be much faster in gaming if you keep your current video card.
  17. I'll buy the new video card a little after I get those three. But, they'll be the starting components. I do have one question on video cards. I am absolutely tired of the driver issues I get with an ati card. What's the big difference if I got an nvidia are there any comparable to the HD 6870 in both value and price, something that will possibly even have the two fans or maybe even better cooling? I know nothing about that brand but the driver issues are becoming more and more annoying with ati.
  18. I found these 2 tonight with some free time.


    The two GTX 560 ti I believe If I read it right the one is just the pre-overclocked version. So I'd probably go for the other one or go all the way to the 570. What you think would be more suitable?
  19. so any suggestions/comments?
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