Nvidia SLI no enable option?

My brother upgraded his gpu and he had the same as mine a gtx 260 so I took it to try out the sli as my computer was bought "sli ready" as the sticker says onit.

So I hooked it up inside and its all good only thing is in the nvidia control panel there is no option to enable the sli but the new gpu has been recognised as that is in the options. I used driver sweeper and wiped all nvidia drivers to install from scratch but no luck. I'm just wondering is there something I'm missing like an sli driver, I thought that came with the normal gpu drivers.

Iv seen a few people say if the psu isn't powerful enough it just won't give you the option but I thought mine should be as it has sli ready on it

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  1. Did you install the SLI bridge to connect the two cards to each other?
  2. Yes of course lol but does it go a certain way or does it not really matter? I laughed at that question but I suppose some people do forget simple things lol
  3. What PSU is it?
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