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First off, I am struggling through my first build plan and wanted to thank everyone for their opinions and advice that I already received. Tom's seems like a great community and I am stoked to have stumbled across it. I hope this isn't redunant but I could not find a thread that really tackled this yet.
For the time being I am going to try and avoid SLI/Crossfire and get a single good card that should keep me gaming for at least a few years.
The clear winner of most benchmarks I have seen here and on guru and maxpc seems the GTX 580. some people have been also suggesting the 570 which seems MUCH cheaper. I know noone can answer "Is it worth it" because you don't know what that ~$200 means to me but I was wondering if there are any articles or opinions on what you get for that money. If we are talking a 10% increase in FPS on a single monitor (1680 x 1050) for now. does it matter more if I want to get more screen space later.
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  1. Have a glance at this chart:

    I haven't seen your prior posts, however if you're really under a budget a 560Ti could be better. Furthermore it'd allow for a GPU update in the future, a 750W PSU should run two of them in SLI, which would total (right now) the price of 1 580, in a few months less.
  2. ^I never understood what was so special about the 560 and why is called Ti?
  3. lol. nothing so special about 560 and i think nvidia just want to revive the 'Ti' suffix that they used before. if i'm not mistaken those Ti suffix means something like 'light but powerful' however i could be wrong about this :kaola: .

    btw to OP: if you're using 1600 x 1050 right now then even GTX570 is overkill for your need IMO. GTX560 should be more than enough on that res. unless you want everything on max while maintaining 60FPS all the time then GTX570 might be weapon of your choice. :D
  4. The Titanium series was the top range from the 4000s. The best cards being the Tis, they just revived it for the sake of reviving it.

    In terms of what's good about the 560: the value to power is pretty much at the top right now, as renz said, at 1600*1050 it has incredibly good performance, and its lower power consumption means that you can skimp on the PSU. It's just a powerful budget card, its big defect is that it doesn't get above 2-way SLI. But once again, at 2-way SLI you're paying about as much as 1 580, and you have 10% more performance, and can run it on a cheaper PSU than you'd expect.

    It's an excellent card for its price range, and definitely has superior cost:power than prior Nvidia cards.
  5. Titanium = lighter but stronger

    The GTX580 is for those who want the best possible performance and price is no object. For me, it meant 3 extra months of payments, so if you think of it that way, no big deal.
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