Asus M4A88TD-M Crashing with G skill 1600 8GB

Hey Guys hows it going im new here im after abit of help i have

Asus M4A88TD-M mboard
Athlon ii 640
windows 7 64bit

i have 1x corsair ddr3 1333 2GB in the board at the mo. goes well i bourt some F3-12800CL9-8GBXL to upgrade and when ever i put it in i get ramdom crashes

any ideas?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums ! :)
    Did you mix the RAMs ? or did you take out the Corsair ones ?
  2. hi no i havent mixed them and in the MB book this ram is listed as ok
  3. RMA it then,seems like it's defective
  4. mmm try it in another comp? and see if i have the same prob?
  5. one other thing the board is rated for 1333 stock and 2000 oc. the ram is 1600 stock would this be making probs? ive tried running at 1333 still no good
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    Yep,try it on another PC before RMA'ing it(forgot to say that),but I don't think it'll work fine on any system.It's worth the shot though
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  8. looks like one of the sticks is faulty runs fine with one crashz on the other i bought these of trademe its like ebay. because of that i cant get Gskill to come to the party and replace it right?
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