Error Code 43 GTX570 Beast Ed.

Hey everyone, So I got myself a second GTX570 for some awesome SLI goodness, or so I thought.

Installed the second card into my PC, windows boots, and decides it wants to reinstall the nvidia driver so after it has finished it tells me that its recognised the GTX570, i restart my PC, load the nvidia control panal but don't see a SLI tab anywhere (Yes, I do have the SLI bridge connected).

I then load up GPU-Z and it reports 2 GTX570's as I expected, but the second GTX570 BIOS is unknown..... (WTF?)

I then go into the control panal>Device Manager, and find that the second GTX570 has a warning sign next to it, I double click it and it says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" :heink:

Temps seem fine (although I obviousy can't put any load on the second card), Fan is spinning....

I haven't noticed any artifacts or any graphical glitches whilst the second card has been installed, I've tried the second card in the third PCI-E Lane, but still no joy.

PC specs are
Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5
Corsair HX850
Corei7 920
Custom watercooled Core i7 920 and first GTX570 (second card is not watercooled.)
Other bits and pieces that I don't think are important in this thread.

Because the first card is watercooled I can't really try the second card in the first PCI-E Lane to see if it displays anything.

Any clue whats going on here ?? :(
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  1. Remove the Nvidia drivers and put the new card in(take the first one out) and see if it works fine simultaneously or not.
  2. Arggh confused to the max!

    Right so I didn't want to drain my water loop to be able to remove the watercooled card, so I went to the BIOS and set 'init display first' to PCI-E x16 2, so that the PC boots from the second card, PC booted fine surprisingly and I was able to enable SLI, at this point I thought that the problem had been fixed, however I ran Unigene Heaven V2.1 (frame rate was what I expected with SLI) and it crashed after about 15-20 seconds, I could still hear the sound, but couldn't do anything and had to manually restart the PC, then had to go to work, will test further later today.

    Any idea's?????
  3. That sounds like a malfunctioning card.I'd say unplug the first card and stress test the second.It will probably error so you will RMA it.If it doesn't then it could also be the psu not being enough for the two cards or just malfunctioning.
  4. Device manager is no longer reporting card as not working and warning sign has gone, GPU-Z reporting BIOS correctly and revision used to say "FF" and now says A1.....

    However when I stressed the cards with MSI Kombuster I lost signal after 3 minutes 48 seconds. PC was still on, didn't shut down so I don't think its my PSU activiation over currect protection.

    Will test with second card only later on.

    Strange how GPU-Z and device manager are reporting no issue's anymore, and I can now enable SLI.

    Opinions welcome PLEASE! :)
  5. 3DM11, Metro2033 Benchmark and Heaven 2.1 all past fine with fan speed at 100% ... possible heat issue?
  6. I didn't like the fact that you installed a second card without uninstalling and reinstalling new drivers. Try that, just to make sure it's not a driver issue. Uninstall > Reboot > Install.
  7. Its never made a difference before (both with SLI and Crossfire solutions) however I have already tried uninstalling the nvidia driver and re-installing it. (rebooting when neccessary).
  8. I'm sensing an unstable overclock. The Beast is factory overclocked, but if you are overclocking yourself, back off to the card's factory speed. You might want to try underclocking to reference speeds for testing purposes.
  9. Not trying to be funny, but if the card isn't stable at a factory overclock setting then I'd consider that faulty, I can see that for testing purposes it may be a good idea just to see if underclocking solves the issue.

    Thanks for your help.
  10. Rustyy117 said:
    Not trying to be funny, but if the card isn't stable at a factory overclock setting then I'd consider that faulty, I can see that for testing purposes it may be a good idea just to see if underclocking solves the issue.

    Thanks for your help.

    I would also consider that a faulty card.
  11. Ran Vantage, that went fine, tried 3 runs of unigene heaven and 30 minutes of NFSHP all with 100% fan speed, Tried unigene with AUTO fan speed, the benchmark completed fine, but the card didn't get any louder throughout the test, when I exited heaven I looked on MSI Afterburner and sore GPU2 reached 96C.... Seems as though the BIOS isn't ramping the fan speed up when the temp increases, but I can manualy set the fan speed fine.
  12. So are your cards on a water block or air cooling? You are about 20c over what I would expect from the reference cooler, even in SLI. Maybe the custom fan profile is the fix, but it's too bad you got a new card that you have to do so much fiddling with to get it to work.

    Edit: I just re-read your first post, so only the new card is air cooled.
  13. Will be adding second card to the loop in the near future so the BIOS not ramping the fan speed up won't be a problem, but I think it's to early to say thats the only problem considering I couldn't even get an option for SLI until very recently. I guess I'll just keep testing it (with a fan profile, until its under water).
  14. Another dumb, basic question, but I assume you are using the latest drivers off the Nvidia website?
  15. I believe so, Version 266.58.
  16. Tried Metro 2033 with SLI, this crashed after about 10 minutes, I then shut down my PC and removed the SLI bridge (still booting from second card) and I've just played 25 minutes of metro 2033, So this seems like either an SLI issue, or a Power supply issue....?

    Any thoughts people?
  17. Have you tried another sli bridge.It could be the problem.(I highly doubt it,but why not try)
  18. Unfortunately I haven't got another SLI bridge to try, although I can comfirm SLI does work well, Just not for very long sometimes.

    I did one of those PSU calc's and it suggesed that my PSU was to weak for my system, although I'm not sure how accurate they are.

    I just can't help thinking that if it was a PSU issue and overcurrent protection was kicking in then it would completely shut down my PC, rather than just losing signal to the monitor....

    Still confused to the max.
  19. It could, potentially, be the PSU. 850 is plenty but when you consider having a pump plus radiator fans plus two beastly GPUs and an i7... hmm.

    But otherwise I'm thinking the card is a lemon. Try stress testing it with Furmark on extreme burn or at least 8xmsaa.
  20. testing the card in question atm with MSI Kombustor, Antec PSU calc suggested that with my CPU at 4.2Ghz and 20% capaciter aging (10% being the minimum you can select) that I need a minimum of 971W :S

    With no CPU overclock and only 10% cap aging (best case senario) I would need a minimum of 831W....

    Been testing with no CPU overclock for the last few days and doesn't seem to have made difference.

    Kombuster has been running for just over 6 minutes now, only lasted roughly 30 seconds with SLI.

    Will continue to test..
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