Best brand for a GTX 570?

I'm thinking about purchasing a gtx 570, but not sure which brand to go with, I do plan to OC the card, are there any reviews on which gtx 570s run cooler etcv?
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  1. Many opinions ion this I am sure.

    One I would recommend :)
  2. Either GIgabytes, or the MSI Embra posted.
  3. I just purchased one from EVGA. Now that i look back, i think i should have gotten one from gigabyte or MSI due to the fact they do not have the stock fan, which would be helpful for anyone who wishes to overclock since its most likely cooler. All of the cards are basically the same price and specifications besides the fan that comes with it, probably making the gigabyte or msi one a better deal for your money,.

    as a side note- EVGA's does come with free 3dmark11 when you register on their website and EVGA is also known for their excellent customer support and warranties.
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