Best low power on idle discrete graphic for Sandy Bridge CPU system

I am trying to build very green pc. Sandy bridge looks very prommising. On SNB review done by Toms Hardware I can see that the preformance optimisation is very promising. Idle state pc with SNB (no discrete graphic) takes 30W. Unfortunately most of GPUs take at least 30W idle.

Can you recomend which GPU should I buy to get the lowest power consumption when browsing www?

Second option would be to find motherboard which would allow to boot pc without discrete graphic.

I am 90% of the time using my pc for text apps. I just would like to play some game an hour or two at the weekend but I do not want to plug&pull it to save power. Is there a motherboard which allows to completely shut down discrete graphic so it will not drain any power? SNB graphic would be enough for the 90% of usage time and I can live with the need to reboot for gaming (to turn on discrete graphic).
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  1. The HD 5550 looks to be your best bet. I would say the 5450 as the literal lowest power discrete card to get but that wouldn't be too much better than the IGP in Sandy Bridge.

    So yeah, the 5550, they come mainly with single slot coolers, a few are passively cooled (no fan) if you're into silent stuff. Just make sure your cooling is ok (1 fan intake, 1 exhaust).
  2. the 560Ti uses only 14W when idling, and there are several others under the 20w mark
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