I7-930 idle at 50C

My i7-930 is idling at 50C and i don't want to risk running prime-95. It's not overclocked at all and I put a new thermaltake heat sink on it with heat pipes and two 80mm on it. Would re-seating the heat sink help? I seated it the first time with arctic silver 5 after cleaning it with 90% isopropyl alcohol and I thought I did a good job of it. Obviously something went wrong. Any suggestions on how to further cool off my CPU?
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  1. Do you know the exact model of your heatsink? The only one I can find from ThermalTake with dual 80mm fans is the DuoOrb:


    If thats the one then its not a proper cooler for your CPU, its really only rated for LGA775 CPUs from Intel.

    If I had a choice of CPU coolers I would go with this one personally:


    Still, the actual model of your current one will help me digure out the issue. Also list your full specs, including case and any case fans you have as well.
  2. no that one isn't it. I'll try and find a picture of it
  3. I was wrong it's not a thermal take it's a cooler master. It looks very similar to this one. http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/product.php?product_id=2881
  4. it gets up to 75C in battlefield bad company 2 then the computer freezes
  5. okay so i reapplied thermal paste at it idles 5C cooler. But I still got up to 78C on prime95 after only 4 min of it running.
  6. Pop the door off of the side of your case, see how hot it gets with it off. Your case probably has bad airflow.
  7. Ok I tried running prime95 with the case off and a desk fan blasting inside it and it got to 73C after 4 min.
  8. To reply to jimmysmitty. I have an ASUS p6X58D premium mobo, intel core i7-930 CPU, GTX 280 GPU, 6GB ddr3 memory, 1TB HDD, 850W corsair PSU with 120mm fan, one rear 120mm fan blowing out, one front 120mm fan sucking in, GTX 280 has the aftermarket arctic cooling accelero extreme heatsink with 3 fans. Heatsink has 2 80mm fans, both fans are blowing in the same direction towards the back of the case.
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