What dongle works for HD 6950 third monitor?

I have a brand new XFX 6950. Most expensive and heaviest graphics card I have ever bought. Running Windows 7 Professional, ASUS M3A mb, CPU is 3 core Phenom 715 black edition. Intended to run three monitors for home office structure design work. Not really into eyefinity gaming, but a serendipity. I installed graphics card and the correct, updated, drivers. I installed 2 DVI and one HDMI. Using Catalyst Control Center, only two monitors can operate at same time... any two but only two (I use 27" ASUS LED, two Samsung SyncMaster 20" LCD). System detects all three connected, but 6950 will only use two.
Sooo...Went to AMD website. http://support.amd.com/us/eyefinity/Pages/eyefinity-dongles.aspx. AMD has this site for advice on correct dongles for Eyefinity Multi Display. I followed AMD advice, purchased the Accell Mini DisplayPort™ To: HDMI, B086B-002B adaptor, thinking this would get the third monitor running. Silly me! It arrived, I installed it...with absolutely no change. Still only two monitors...never three. :o
NOTE: AMD is not telling truth...and grossly misrepresenting Eyefinity.
MY question is: WHY the FRACK does AMD have a page dedicated to "AMD Eyefinity Validated Dongles". with their official seal "Eyefinity Multi Display Technology", gives every indication this is to actually benefit from Eyefinity, MULTI DISPLAY, lists numerous options, yet not one of these dongle will allow a third monitor to work?... i.e. not one of these dongles is an active dongle? WARNING: AMD gives the impression that these dongles are active: In fact, the packaging for the Accell B086B-002B adaptor states "Adapter features a self-powered design. No External power is needed". I feel ripped off by apparent AMD false advertising. :non:
Where is a list for AMD Eyefinity Validated Dongles that will work to get a third monitor (or more) working? Sheeesh! Just a simple list? :fou:
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  1. Powered at all means active I would think. Obviously AMD have no reason to recommend adapters that don't work so I don't see how it makes sense to jump to that conclusion and skip over possibilities like a faulty adapter or card or settings.
  2. So...here is the follow-up to the above info.
    I did some more research. Found and purchased the ACCELL B087B-003J RT, mini displayport to DVI Dual Link adapter. This dongle has a USB plug-in to supply power, in addition to the MDP to DVI adapter. Once it arrived, plugged it in and the three monitors work fine. Took just a bit of time using the Catalyst software, but not a big issue.
    Summary: For three or more montors (Eyefinity), ignore the list of AMD approved dongles and purchase a quality, USB-powered dongle. In all fairness to AMD, the dongles they list are great quality for gender changers...but, when used alone, will never get a third monitor working.
    FYI, I am a happy camper now. The XFX 6950 rocks.
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