Sandy Bridge Eyefinity Build

I am just asking if this final setup is all compatible and where I may have problems with it (and bottlenecks?).

Parts already owned are in bold
Intel i7 2600K CPU (factory)
Asus P8P67 EVO B3
12gig G.Skill 1666mhz Ripjaws
Asus Radeon 6970 DirectCU II 2GB
1TB Blue Western Digital HD
LG Blu-Ray Combo
Antec Quattro 850W PSU
NZXT Phantom Black with additional front 120mm an side 230mm fans
3x24” VE246H 2ms HDMI Speaker

Razer Lycosa Mirror
Razer Nostromo
Logitech MX Revolution
Logitech 5.1 Speakers
Scythe USB Triple Foot Switch
Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Mouse Mat
Huntkey Power Surge Protector Black - 8 Outlets

My main issue is the Asus Radeon 6970 DirectCU II 2GB. I want to run Eyefinity on 3 monitors. Am I correct by saying if I got the 3 monitors, 1 would need to be hooked up to an active DP -> DVI adapter. And if this configuration is used may I be subject to screen tearing?
If so, would attaching the 3 monitors to the DP's with 3 separate DP -> DVI adapters help?

Also, does anyone know when the Radeon 6950 Flex Edition will be released? As if I got this instead I will not have any screen tearing (right?)
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  1. Eyefinity on 3 monitors goes through a single display port, into a 3-way splitter, or through hdmi+dsplayport+dvi
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