Difference between omtel pentium 4 ht 3.00 ghz and intel dual core 1.6

my friend buyed a cpu from my other friend which is pentium 4 ht 3.00ghz is this enough for watching moveis ,surfing internet ,and working with office ..what is the difference between this pentum 4 ht 3.00ghz and pentium r 1.6ghz is there any huge performance difference
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    The pentium 4 3.0 HT is a single core (only one "brain") with HT (Hyperthreading)
    which is a technology that allows the single core chip to process two threads at the
    same time.
    A thread is the basic part of a program.
    so even though the Pentium 4 3.0 HT is a single core it can handle two programs at
    the same time (though not the efficiently-at best it gives about a 20%-30% improvement)

    Now the Pentium Dual Core 1.6 is actually two cores in one package
    so it has two "brains"
    it can actually process two programs at the same time with almost 100% efficiency

    Their is a huge performance difference
    the Pentium Dual Core 1.6 is much faster than the Pentium 4 3.0

    dont let the speed or ghz of the chips fool you

    a slower more efficient processor can easily out perform a "faster"
    older inefficient chip

    My Pentium D 3.4 was much slower than my Core2Duo 1.8 chip

    Pentium D is a dual chip which uses two older Pentium 4 cores
    they are okay for browsing and office work but are old technology
    it was the tech before Core2Duo
    After Core2Duo/Core2Quad
    there is Core I3,I5,I7
    which is the latest technology

    I tried to keep that as simple as I can
    trying to keep track of Intel CPUs is tough
    alot of different names

    There was Pentium 4 which is older
    than there is Pentium Dual Core
    and later they even made Pentium I3s

    Pentium was a type of chip
    and now Intel uses that as a way of naming
    new chips (usually a little slower than the Core2Duo or I3s)
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    I have a old d965 3.7hz but when I open task manager it show 4 cpus. is this cause is a Dual HT?
  6. two real cores,two HT cores
    so it shows 4 cpus in TM
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