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I'm about the buy a haf x, and at some point i wanna try out watercooling but it'll be a first for me. What I'm wondering is when you mount the radiator in the top of the case, do you use the case fans on the top as the 'pull' fans for the radiator and just have push fans mounted to the bottom of it. or do you have more fans ontop of the radiator pulling then exhausting out through the case fans?
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  1. what kind of watercooling are you talking about? is it for the whole system or just the CPU? The radiators usually come with their own fans, if you want to mount them on a case fan spot, you will have to remove that case fan. The top fan spot of HAF X is too big for most CPU watercooling radiators, and larger radiators designed to cool the entire system will be placed outside of the case and have water pipes go in from the back of the case.
  2. Check out the watercooling faq stickie as well, a fair percentage of waterbabies are also more than capable modders :-)
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