Nvidia geforce 9800gt not working with Gateway 420GR please help

Hi I'm new to like graphic cards and this website lol so help and basic tutorials would be greatly appreciated :) Anyway, I have a very old computer, a gateway 420GR, here are the specs: http://support.gateway.com/s/PC/R/4053/4053sp3.shtml

The only changes I made were the power supply which I changed to a ULTRA LS500W power supply and changed the RAM to 2GB. I bought a BFG Nvidia GeForce 9800gt 1GB GDDR3 and it has given me problems ever since. I have installed the drivers, changed the bios, everything, but I still encounter problems. To use the graphics card, I still have to go onto the onboard graphics card and restart my computer, just to access the graphics card, I can relatively live with this however, sometimes, while playing games, the graphics will be all messed up, the colours will all change and my computer will freeze. However, I can still hear sounds, and if I have a headset on people can still hear me, for around 10 minutes. I have tried many things, such as reinstalling the drivers, but that only made it worse. This problem isn't only when doing stuff high in demand as I have recently found out the hard way. while doing things such as on skype and msn, or playing youtube videos or playing bloons tower defense 4, it has also done that, or in some cases has blue screened.

I know this is a long post, but I really need help. Can someone please help me.
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  1. Sounds like either a bad graphics card, or you need to re-install the video drivers.
  2. So if I were to get any other graphics card it should be able to work?
  3. Did you buy the 9800GT new?
  4. Yes, it was shrink wrapped and everything.
  5. Can someone please help me with this issue, I'm going crazy for and answer :(
  6. It's either a bad graphics card or there are power issues. Probably a bad card.

    It's not software related.

    The easiest way to confirm is to swap this into another desktop.

    Another card?
    Sure, keep in mind any graphics card you get might be limited by your CPU if it's old or not powerful enough. You can find charts online for a rough comparison. An X2-4800+ balances roughly with an HD 4770.

    A new i5-750 on the other hand uses on average 35% of its processing power when compared with a new HD 5870 1GB (modern games on highest).
  7. My cousin tested it out in his computer, he said he didn't experience any problems, but he did have a better computer with a dual core, so I'm just guessing my computer is not good enough :( can someone please recommend a decent video card please for my computer.
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