Gigabyte XKT-1155 Z68AP-D3 Motherboard (Rev 1.0) vs ASUS P8Z68-V Lx

Gigabyte XKT-1155 Z68AP-D3:


Which would you go for/ which one is better?

Using Intel i5 2500k.
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  1. Here is a side by side:

    The ASUS has more audio ports, more USB 2.0, 1 more SATA 3gbps connection and more PCI slots, but the Gigabyte has more PCI-ex1 slots and supports PCI-e 3.0. They are kind of a wash, it will depend on what peripherals you have and if you need more USB and PCI over PCI-e X1. If I was buying it, my choice would be the ASUS.
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