Gtx 460 on a q6600 and asus p5b?

Hi. I have:
a q6600
asus p5b mobo
4GB RAM 800Mhz
Graphs: 7950 GX2.
Do you think that a change for the GTX 460 (or HD 6850) will improve my gaming experience?
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  1. By leaps and bounds (providing you overclock the CPU)
  2. Yes it will improve it a lot.But like what was said in the above post,you will need to O.C. your CPU to get the full potential of either the gtx460 or 6850.
  3. Thank you very much.
    Do you think I need extra cooling for the overclocking q6600? Have any recomendation on how much to OC?
  4. What is your current CPU speed and heatsink status?
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